Rosy in Ruffles Sundress tutorial-for Melly sews….with a free pattern!

I'm pretty darn excited about how this sundress turned out! And on Miss alive I want to gobble her up, she's so darn cute. There's just something about baby sized clothing lately...I just can't get enough! Maybe it's that she can sit up now and it's so much more fun to take pics of her. Anywho...I'm psyched to be posting today for  Melly … [Read more...]

slouchy cardigan tutorial

Soooooo. here's that tutorial I promised you from way back when. I made my first version for Project Run and Play, but this one is a simplified cardi with no tie or pockets. (though those are easy to add!) I love the grandpa style cardi on kids-and it's so easy to make you'll want to whip up one in every color knit you have! These are great for … [Read more...]

tie top tutorial and sewing with knit fabric tips

Hey guys! I am so excited about this knit tie top tutorial I created for Girl Charlee! (and a $40 gift certificate giveaway! woohoo! enter waay at the might as well check out the tutorial while you're at it....just sayin' ;) Also make sure to check out their blog! Today they're showing off all the projects I've made with Girl Charlee … [Read more...]

how to: stamp carving

aka: the REAL post of the day... lolCarving stamps is so fun, guys! And really, really addicting. I have been carving random ones while watching tv, and it's really relaxing. Carve your stress away, peeps! Anyways-here's a quick how to and some tips! What I used:Speedball cutting tool-comes with five differently shaped cutters- and has easy … [Read more...]

button magnets and a covered button tutorial

First off, Happy Valentines Day!I have more "craft it forward" gifts to share with you today! Cause I just can't stop with one...gotta share the love! Plus they did double duty as Valentines for my "mommy friends" as Sadie calls them (ok as I call them when I'm talking to her). I decided to make some sets of fun fabric covered button magnets-after … [Read more...]

washi tape frame tutorial-craft it forward!

Have you heard that this week is Random Acts of Kindness week? I had no idea there was such a thing, until Michaels (yes the Michaels store Michaels) contacted me about participating in their craft it forward event. They are aiming to inspire creativity and kindness by encouraging us all to "craft it forward"-to create a simple gift that will make … [Read more...]

chalkboard countdown sign

My family started doing gifts differently a few years ago...instead of getting everyone a gift (which can get crazy when you have 8 kids, 2 parents, 4 spouses, and now 5 grandkids)....we do drawings. A main big gift, and then you can choose whether or not to put your name into the other drawings. Gag gift (one of my faves!), foodie gift, media … [Read more...]

simple doily cardstock ornament tutorial

I just adore making ornaments! I have so many ideas that I may or may not have gotten overwhelmed, curled up into a ball, and listened to Christmas music instead of making them.Just kidding....not that that sounds like a bad idea or anything....So! Here's my short little how to! These would be adorable in felt, and plain circles would be really … [Read more...]

basic bodice design series guest post

 I'm so excited to be posting over on iCandy Handmade for their Basic Bodice Design series! What a great idea, right? Most everyone has a basic bodice pattern in their sewing arsenal, which is what makes this such a brilliant idea for a series? (Why can I never have these great ideas? lol!) It's a simple dress, but the way the bodice is cut on … [Read more...]

easy and quick leggings-tutorial

I couldn't help it....I got a bit of a jump start on the Kids Clothes Week Challenge....I just HAD to make some baby leggings yesterday...don't know why really....maybe I'm nesting? I am down to 5 weeks til d-day. (delivery day...ok give or take a few days or weeks)5 WEEKS people! I at least threw the 0-3 month clothes in the wash yesterday so … [Read more...]