simple doily cardstock ornament tutorial

I just adore making ornaments! I have so many ideas that I may or may not have gotten overwhelmed, curled up into a ball, and listened to Christmas music instead of making them.

Just kidding….not that that sounds like a bad idea or anything….

So! Here’s my short little how to! These would be adorable in felt, and plain circles would be really cute too!

I used this awesome QuicKutz die from Lifestyle Crafts to cut these doily shapes out of cardstock. (the set comes with all pictured below-so cute!)

Use the code CRAFTINESS to get 20% off your purchase on their site!

 I cut five for each ornament, then fold them in half, matching up the….doiles…haha. What are those called? Anywho….the bumpy edges. Then open them back up and using spray adhesive or a glue stick, apply your adhesive to the backs of the doilies.

Next press the backs together like so, lining up the edges so that they match. Keep adding your pieces until you have one left and then slip in a 6-8 inch piece of skinny ribbon or baker’s twine to hang the ornament with. Add the last piece and press all the sides firmly together.

Tada! This is one of the easiest ornaments I’ve ever made, and Sadie loved helping me cut out the doily shapes on my Epic die cutter/embosser! 
P.S. See the winner of the Nativity Advent Calendar here! They also lowered the price for this holiday season, so check it out! There’s still time to order one and get it in time!


  1. These are so sweet!
    One of those ideas that are so simple I just wish I had thought of them myself.
    I guess that’s why I follow blogs like yours!

  2. Love those, so simple but cute!

  3. Those are so pretty, and simple. Love it!

  4. Hola Jess, son preciosos los adornos y muy fáciles de hacer, gracias por el tutorial,besos.

  5. Oh these are really pretty! Wish I had a fancy cutter like that, hehe. Jealous of all you earlybirds with your trees up!!

  6. What a pity – shipping to Germany is so expensive!

  7. I can’t tell from the site. Do you need the machine or can you just use the die to cut cardstock? While I’m at it…do you know of anything out there that can die cut felt?

  8. I heart glitter letters so much right now – and I just got an awesome deal on a huge pack of glitter on Tuesday Morning. I am cheating with some of the baking and using premade mixes for the cookies. I enjoy Christmas shopping and finding just the right presents for people I care about. Its nice to give them something that lets them know I know enough about them to stray from anything generic.

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