thrifty reads

I’ve had some good luck thrifting children’s books lately-including some cute vintage books in the mix.

An awesome truck book, cute book about rain, some Berenstain Bears books (I loved those as a kid),
a few Disney readers, Caps for Sale, Alice in Wonderland (gorgeous illustrations), a Golden book, American Tail (another favorite of mine!), and a Numbers book.

This one is my favorite-it may look unassuming, but on the inside it has page after page of gorgeous illustrations.

I just love them. What have you found thrifting lately?

OH, and Happy Halloween everyone! Have a safe and fun holiday!


  1. Oh I love love love Caps for Sale. My mom used to read that to me when I was a little girl.

  2. My favorite section in our local thrift stores, is the book section. My personal collection shows it. ;0)
    You scored big with these finds. Yay, many happy hours of reading with the little ones.

  3. ooh, that numbers book is really cute! i love finding little gems like that at the thrift store

  4. love caps for sale! Great find on the books! We have been having lots of good thrifting luck lately too- fabric, sheets, chairs, pyrex,etc.
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Caps for Sale is one of my FAVORITES! i found it in an antique store and had to buy it!

  6. My sister and I grew up reading Caps for Sale! That totally just took me back! I hope your girls love it too!

  7. oh my how fun! This summer has been full of thrifting treasures… but my best treasure would be my $10 serger… I about died and went to heaven!

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