thrifting of late…

It’s been a little while since my last thrifting post…though not my last thrifting run. I go at least once (sometimes twice) a week now…gotta LOVE Grandma “school”.Β  (quality Grandma time provided by my mom and Grandma….on separate afternoons…every week…yah go ahead and be jealous, I would be, it’s awesome.)

I’ve been OBsessed with finding these tulip bowls (for ice cream!), surprisingly I’ve found about 6 or 7 locally, but this stack above I got on Ebay-won the auction for $6! (plus $10 shipping, but oh well…whatcha gonna do about that?)

I’ve found the two white ones and another yellow locally, and also large white, red, and tannishΒ  ones. and a small black one…which I’m thinking I can put Halloween candy in? What else would you use a black bowl for? It doesn’t really fit with my color palette here, ya know? It’s the black bowl of the family. πŸ˜‰ har har.

I grabbed this bag of Lincoln logs because it had a lot of green pieces in it…and we don’t have very many of those in the other set I thrifted. Score! ($3.50)

Grabbed this vintage sheet ($3) and cotton floral print ($4).

And a cute red necklace. ($3) This isn’t even half of what I’ve found lately, but it’s all scattered around my house now so I don’t know where they are.

Oh wait! I lied. I forgot the coolest thing I’ve found lately!

This fabulous Fisher Price grocery store checkout stand. It works perfectly and is in great shape. (besides something rolling around on the inside…I’m guessing a penny.) It came with money, a credit card (Sadie’s favorite), and a coupon, too! The conveyor belt buzzes so the food comes down towards the scanner, which BEEPS (awesome) and tells you how much the item is. The cash register works too, and the scale as well. I don’t know who was more excited to play with this, me, or Sadie. (me)

Price: $2.50. yep. Thank you thrifting karma!


  1. I’m really interested in the places you thrift. I know they are no place near me, but I bet it would help me get some good ideas, anyway.

    Thanks. I LOVE the tulip bowls.

  2. great haul! those bowls are so awesome. yep, jealous for sure πŸ™‚

  3. How fun! I love vintage sheets! And that cash register is pretty awesome!

  4. If we lived closer you might have to worry about your tulip bowls disappearing.

    Also, my favorite thrift store here gets a big fat zero in the fabric department. Bah.

    I might be a little bit overcome with jealousy.

  5. I remember my sisters had one of those – I loved it! They always had to be the shoppers when we played store – as older sister I was clearly meant to be the cashier.

  6. Love the cash register and Lincoln Logs. I keep hoping I’ll find Lincoln logs somewhere.

    And I would LOVE Grandma School. πŸ™‚

  7. Great finds, so jealous! I stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest..and it is Fabulous!!! I especially love that you have a daughter named Sadie, so do I. Isn’t it a great name, haha. My Sadie is two and I also have a baby girl, so naturally I LOVE all your cute kids clothes! I’m your newest follower! Feel free to stop by my blog and say hello!

  8. I love those tulip bowls… what a great deal! And Lincoln Logs… love! They don’t make great, basic toys like that anymore.

  9. the vintage sheets & tulip bowls are so pretty! its a tea-party in the making!

    happy wednesday!

    xx, zhing

  10. Dang! Awesome finds and I totally remember that fisher price check stand when I was a kid! Yay for you! Now you have to tell me where you’ve been thrifting because I never find anything. : )


  11. Hey gals! I do my thrift shopping at our local Salvation Army and Goodwill. Nothing special, but I get good finds by going often. That’s all we have in my town!

  12. Woohoo, great finds, love those bowls, such fab colours

  13. i am not sure what I am more jealous of… the grandma school or your excellent finds!

    i usually go thrifting once or twice a week too but I have to take my two younger children with me. πŸ™

    i love lotus bowls and collect them too. i have thrifted all mine locally, I had not thought to check ebay. I have looked at etsy but it tends to be more expensive. On my way to ebay…

  14. I just inherited a tulip bowl in my favorite color, turquoise! It was my grandmother’s and she passed away. The family is now getting around to cleaning out the house– four years later. I didn’t know these bowls had such a following!

  15. I’m hoping to start thrifting soon. I LOVE it when you share what you find. Truly I do.

  16. oh those bowls are so nice! Well done on all your finds πŸ™‚

  17. SUPER duper jealous of your tulip bowls! My mom has a set… and we used them for special occasions when I was really little. I adore them!! :o)

  18. Quiet follower here but I’m always excited to see all your dress patterns as I have a little girl and am trying to teach myself to sew. Anyway, had to comment because I totally have that same “vintage” sheet except we use it in our rotation of sheets LoL Don’t really believe in matching linens at our house! Be interesting to see what you make out of it…

  19. Are you saying that your mom watches the kids once a week and your grandma does too at their “grandma school”?? How awesome is that!? I am so jealous. Especially because we just moved away from family a month ago and I’ve only left my kids once since moving. 2 little kiddos make it hard to get anything done. πŸ™‚ And, you’ve scored some amazing thrifty things! Hooray for alone time.

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