So…Rory was gone all Saturday morning (helping our friends move) and afternoon (at a basketball game with his family), so I was pretty darn desperate to get out of the house with the girls by the time night fell. We went to our my favorite taqueria (they ate like two bites of their quesadilla…crazies) and afterward I was still desperate to stay out….so off we headed to look at Salvation Army. I decided we would just look at books, since trying out clothes was pretty much out of the question.

Yeah…..we pretty much scored.

Β They were having a 50% off sale, (but not on books, but I thought so…more on that) so when I found these gorgeous vintage assortment of books I freaked out and started grabbing willy nilly!

Then I maturely and demurely weeded out the ones we already had or didn’t need.

So anyways, the nice gentleman at the front gave me the books half off anyways! What a nice guy. So these books were all 50 cents each. Sigh….I. love. thrifting.

ANd How’s about that cool book on top…which is written about me? (I’m only assuming) Hehe so excited about that find!

I also found this nice wooden tray ($2.75), and these AWEsome napkin rings. ($1) There are only 5, so I guess we can only have one more kid. Or, only our favorites will get to use them.

I also spotted this pretty plate ($1, and continuing the mustard trend of the day), and snagged it because months back I had also thrifted…..

…this blue one! They are both from Mikasa, and are different sizes but still go together.
So…a very quick yet fruitful trip to the thrift store. (and the first one I’ve tried with the girls in like 6 months!) They did very well except for when we got in line, it was really slow and they were getting bored. So this sweet Grandma behind us in line (she just had the Grandma vibe) started showing them the things she was buying and asking them questions. I am so, so grateful when people are willing to help entertain my kids when we’re stuck somewhere and they are bored.Β 
So the total for this trip?
Β $10.25


  1. Fun! I love thrifting books! You had quite a fruitful day! πŸ™‚

  2. gives me the itch to get out and hit the thrift stores. ;)Those books bring back memories, the mustard plate too. I love the blue one – my fav color.

  3. man you totally scored! I love the plates.

  4. I love thrifting. πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing!

  5. Thrifting is a great joy of mine – have a look!

  6. I totally forgot about Danny and the Dinosaur! And I’d eat lots more quesadillas than your girls. πŸ™‚

  7. Fantastic finds!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great way to teach little ones that not all good things have to be new! You certainly bagged some bargains – and I, too, love the plates.

  9. Great score! I love Mikasa and wooden anything. BTW, that tray would have been 4.99 or more here. Good work! If you get tired of the extra napkin rings, you could always string them all into a necklace — I love mustard!

  10. What great finds! I love finding old books, especially if they bring back memories of my childhood. Love the plate too! Now I want to go thrifting soon!

  11. sooo lucky !!! I am jealous !!!

  12. Funny! We went thrifting this weekend as well and got a stack a books about the same size as yours. And I almost got the excact same Danny and the Dinosaur. I didn’t because we have it at hoem already, but I loved this older vintage version… I contemplated and tried to convince myself that we needed them both, but we didn’t! πŸ™‚ FUN!!

  13. Great finds. The beads in the napkin rings would look great as a bracelet.

  14. Well done! Scuffy the Tugboat was one of my favorites growing up!

  15. We have one thrift store that sells material and patterns. When we go, I spend the whole trip looking at both. πŸ™‚

  16. We could totally be friends! I love finding books at the local DI…recently scoring some sweet Eloise Wilkins books (they remind me of my childhood)! I’m so bad though…I’ve gotten to where thrift stores are almost too expensive for me…LOL! I can’t wait for yard sale weather!!!! Thanks for sharing your fab. finds. πŸ™‚

  17. My favourite kind of shopping! It is far more satisfying than buying what everyone else is, regardless of cost. Even though that is a strong selling point! πŸ™‚

  18. Oh wow, I WANT those plates! I love them! Let’s go thrifting together sometime, shall we? :0)

    Christine aka The Stampin’ Ninja

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