recent thrifting treasures -and the newest Pattern Anthology collection

I’ve had some luck thrifting lately, so I thought I’d share my finds with you, since I haven’t done a thrifting post in awhile! I scored these amazing art pieces above for $2-3 each. I love buying paintings at thrift shops-they don’t have to be Monets, but I can appreciate the skill and caring that went into them. Besides, they are much better than I could ever do, so……thanks, random person who painted this, and then framed it in an awesome carved wooden frame! (thrifting bonus: those plates hanging up were thrifted awhile ago as well…)

Also, love the horse sketch-I don’t know where I will hang it, but I am still an 11 year old horse crazy girl inside so I had to get it. The little cake plate didn’t come that way, I found the amazing ceramic pie plate (? tart pan? anyways, it was like $2) and glued it to that white ceramic cup ($1) I found on the same thrifting trip. They were meant for each other! I love me a good (cheap) homemade cake plate. Tutorial for that here!

I stumbled on a cache of Little Golden Books (75 cents each) so I picked up some fun ones I don’t have yet…

and one that I do (I Can Fly-Kristin sent me a copy awhile ago, but it’s our FAVE and I am always afraid the girls will ruin it, so if they do, I have a back up now!) They are really good with these books, but we do get torn pages every now and then, from Charlotte mostly.

And oh my gosh-the best find in AWHILE. A write your own LGB! I never knew these existed! It’s totally blank for you to write a story in! I don’t even know if I’ll ever use it, or just hoard it forever. haha

I’ve been planning my sister’s bridal shower and went to look for milk glass vases. Standing there were these 5 vases just waiting for me! 50% off day, too, so they were about $2 each. Love thrifting karma! I got the little milk glass canister on another trip-for candy or maybe a succulent plant-haven’t decided yet!

I grabbed these awesome glass canisters for a $2-3 each-and painted the lids-bam instant update. Added some chalkboard labels and supplies and I’ve got some cute new jars for organizing sewing supplies!

What great deals have you stumbled across lately?

Oh and I just wanted to let you know if you haven’t seen it already-the newest Pattern Anthology collectionis now available! These ladies worked SO hard on this collection and it shows. I am a part of the blog tour and I can’t wait to show you what I made-it’s been really fun working on a whole look with these 4 super-versatile patterns.

Looks amazing right? Make sure you don’t miss the blog tour-info below!! (btw I am an affiliate for this collection, but I wholeheartedly support it. They are amazing patterns!)


  1. Angelica says

    Gotta love the bargains only a thrift store can give you! I recently stop by a Unique thrift store in north nj and found not one but three American Girl dolls! My daughter has recently become obsessed with this dolls (she received one for Christmas). But with their hefty price tag,I couldn’t see myself purchasing any other “companions” for her. so imagine my excitement when I found these three doll priced $2.42 each with a 25% discount. It only took me a few hours to tighten their limbs, untangle their hair n clean them up. I hope I can one day find such great deals again!

  2. I love those white vases! They go so well together.. Must be the similar heights.

    I wonder if it would look the same if they where just glass vases painted white (either spray paint on the outside, or regular paint on the inside)

  3. Fun thrifting! I love the poppies picture.

  4. I love the Horse drawing! He has such charisma! I would put him in my dining room, cause that just seems like the right place for a horse. (ok I’m a little crazy)

  5. Aw! I love your thrifting posts! We just went garage sale-ing on Saturday and found the most awesome kitschy peacock wall art made entirely from shells, and mounted on velvet, naturally. Plus some great pyrex and some rare mid century canisters. It makes my heart happy. 🙂

  6. Ha good to know that multiple LGBs are still okay by you. 😉 And actually, Duck and Friends is one my mom had that I need to get my hands on! Fun finds!

  7. Great thrift finds! Love the little golden books.

  8. Oh I spent most of my childhood sketching horse’s heads in exactly that pose!
    Great bargain hunting!

  9. Color Kittens is one of my LGB favorites! Margaret Wise Brown is so weird and hilarious.

  10. Oh, I love your thrifting scores! I have a bunch of those Golden Books and I love to display them on the playroom shelf…. brings back memories

  11. I love milk glass… those vases are so pretty! And a write-your-own Little Golden Book is awesome!

  12. love the way you decorating the wall with plates!! such a awesome wall art!

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