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I’ve got some thrifted goodies to show ya today! My mom and I hit up the 50% off sale the other day  week and I found some good stuff! Lots of clothes too, but they were in the wash and mostly baby boy clothes cause I think, if I buy the clothes then the gender will match. Isn’t that how it works? Well if it’s another girl-I have a brand new nephew who could use some clothes I’m sure. We find out next week, by the way! I’ll definitely let you know when we find out…yay!
Anyway…on to the new-to-me junk stuff.
This crystal bowl had a cool pattern that I liked-$1.
When I spotted these wavy teal plates I freaked out a little inside-because of the shape and color, and also because a mean old lady was looking at them. (ok, I’m sure she wasn’t mean or old, I just didn’t like her at that moment because she was threatening my the pretty plates) 
I mentally willed her away from them, and luckily she listened and I went and snagged them! $1.50 each!
I was also able to find some oval frames! Which are surprisingly hard for me to find–not because I don’t know my shapes–they are just never in my local stores! These are for my family silhouette wall, which needs updating. Charlotte’s silhouette is from when she was 4 months old. #lazymomma.
Since we’ll be adding to it soon I need some extras! 🙂 Those were $3 each.
 Also the cool little frame’s shape is so unique, I couldn’t pass it up. $1. Will probably slap some spray paint on it soon.
This vintage Sleeping Beauty book is in perfect shape, and I didn’t have it yet which is a shocker. $1.
Total this trip: $12!


  1. I adore those teal plates! It’s a good thing you willed the lady away, because they are a great find :).

  2. Don’t you just love it when mentally willing away the competition actually works? 🙂

    I had that same Sleeping Beauty book. Actually, we belonged to the Disney book club, so most of my picture books were Disney.

  3. I love seeing your thrift finds! But I scored the mother of all thrift finds recently….get ready for this cause I KNOW you won’t even believe me… ready? I got- a queen sized-ALL HAND QUILTED- cathedral window quilt- in perfect condition- (I mean it looks and feels brand spankin’ new) for ….get ready….$12.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who would donate such a treasure???? 2 ladies tried to pry it from my hands when I pulled it off the hanger until my sister came to my rescue. One of them kept hissing, “You’re lucky. You’re lucky.”

  4. You’ve inspired me to blog about my recent thrift finds. I’ve found some doozies lately! 🙂

  5. Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather! I love those ladies, that was my favorite video when I was growing up!

  6. Had the book growing up…. I may have used my tape recorder to record myself reading it, of course, using different voices for different characters. I’m pretty sure I even used the beeeeep sound to signal a page turn. lol

    My mom has those oval bird prints in the same frames. ha ha Maybe I”ll just help myself to them next time I go home. She’ll never notice them missing off the wall, right?

  7. Sweet finds! My kinda price! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. thrifting is the BOMB!!! I absolutely adore it =D Haha! I think I might have your same gift of mentally willing people away from “my finds” (even though they’re the ones who found them in the first place =} ) Those plates would look awesome as wall decor!


  9. Ahhhh…I love thrifting! I only wish my city had more than 2 stores. 🙁 I LOVE those teal plates!

  10. I’m in love with those teal plates! I need to make a thrifting trip…when I have some money.


  11. Where oh where do you shop? I live in your home town, and I am thinking it may be time to start a thrifting habit!

  12. Adorable teal plates! And it’s comforting to see that I’m not the only one trying to stock up my little girls book shelves with the books I grew up with. (I remember reading that very same Sleeping Beauty book as a kid!) I came across the Snow White book at DI last week and nabbed it! 🙂 Love seeing your thrifting posts!

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