For the past, I don’t know…few months or so…every time I went to make dinner, Sadie suddenly turned into what I like to call “The Clingster”. She wanted to be held, she wanted my undivided attention, basically wanted be in the middle of everything! (I’m sure none of your kids do this, right? haha) It makes getting dinner made a challenge!

I don’t mind her “helping” and watching, but I was nervous about letting her use a chair to stand on. I let her do it yesterday and she only wobbled twice. I am still such a worry wart mom sometimes. (We’re actually getting a Learning Tower, if anyone has one let me know how you like it!) Anyways, for now, the chair seems to work.

So yesterday she was helping stir and put cheese in the bowl for our chicken enchiladas…how cute is she?!

I go to rinse off a spoon, turn around, and….

….she’s stuffing as much cheese as she can into her pie hole! haha! I couldn’t help but crack up. She looves her cheese.

Do you like her clip? I made it yesterday while Sadie was entranced by Cinderella (“Rera”). Found the tutorial here. Super easy, and super cute!


  1. Love it! She’s so cute!

  2. Ah, yes. The chair. haha! I remember when Rayne was first starting to “help.” Luckily she really does help now and can just use a stool, but she still does shove food into her pie hole when my back is turned! haha!

    P.S. Absolutely snow date this winter!!

  3. Ha ha ha haha Oh golly gee I love her!! I love this post!! It’s so cute!! She is seriously getting WAY TOO BIG!!!!!! STOP HER!! At least until we can get there and see her at this age for a little bit!! It’s my favorite age!! That pic of her eating that cheese is priceless!! hahahha So funny! I laughed out loud!! too cute!!

  4. Oh yeah- LOVE the flower!! I might just make one for myself! I’ve been going flower CRAZY!!!! Flowers on everything! Love it! they are the perfect accessory! And such a fun, easy craft!

  5. soooooooooo cuuuuute!!! that cheese pic is cracking me up! i second steph’s motion that you stop her from growing!!! i’m coming home in 28 days, and she better not have changed….

  6. Ha, ha! My mom calls it the “witching hour.” Also known in our house as the hour when the old people who live downstairs are most likely to bang on their ceiling. L goes totally bezerk at that time of day. Anyway – a friend of mine clued me in to this tip – lately I’ve been letting L “wash dishes,” which consists of her wearing an apron and standing on a chair at the kitchen sink with some water and bubbles in it, “washing” some tupperware, measuring cups, etc. Of course water gets everywhere, but it will keep her occupied for a solid half hour, so to me it’s golden!

  7. that’s a GREAT tip…I will have to use that one next time she’s driving me nuts! 😉

  8. I made the same clip last week in cream! Love it!

  9. Lauren does the same thing when she’s “helping” me cook. I turn around and she’s stuffing something into her mouth.

    Very cute hair clip…thanks for the link to the tutorial.

  10. As soon as I say I’m going to make dinner, my daughter (2) wants to be held. And if she isn’t she’ll stand underfoot and cry. It’s so frustrating! Sometimes I just plunk her on the counter and give her something to play with. It’d be nice if I thought ahead enough to have something for her to help me with but there’s only so much time in the day for making dinner!

  11. love the PIE HOLE PICTURE!!! hahaha!!!

  12. I know this all well my (nearly 2 yr old) love ‘helping’!!! The problem is she loves clibimbing and now drags chairs around the kitchen to ‘help’ so what I do now is let her ‘wash up’ on the floor … sounds strange and messy but it’s really not. I’ve got a second washing up bowel which I put some of her tea set in and then add JUST the bubbles from the top of the clean washing up water (if you put alittle more washing up liquid in than you usually would and run your tap on full then that creates LOTS of bubbles) The bubbles feel wet to touch and are fun to blow around the kitchen but once they’ve disappeared they’re no wet and don’t mark so it doesn’t matter if she gets them ‘everywhere!!!

    Good luck though this is the start of they’re independant streak, finding out what they can do for themselves and the odd tantrum at the things they can’t!!!

    Love the cheese picture – that was one of my little girl’s first words and now if she hears anything being got out the fridge she runs into the kitchen shouting

  13. Yes…Bubbles. That’s what I did with my little one too. Except I put bubbles in big bowl and set them on the floor with spoons and other odds and ends.
    Sadie is looking so much older. Yikes! Tell her to stop growing so fast.

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