summery top

Another tank top…are you sick of them yet? A little tunic top…a tad wide in the shoulders…next one I make will have to be a bit slimmer. I know, this girl has a ton of clothes, I just have a bunch of fabric that I want to use, so oh well! (Plus, I’m a bit addicted, if you haven’t noticed) I love the little pockets. (Sadie filled them with buttons)

Our little photo shoot took place inside, because of rain. Rain, Rain, go away! I want spring and sunshine!

A little mid-shoot meltdown…(apparently sticking your tummy out accentuates your tantrum and helps get your point across)

…Luckily she was easily distracted by her hammering toy. There’s a reason why that thing is so dinged up, even though she just got it last Christmas. She’s got lousy aim. Sorry, Sadie, but you do.

Also easily distracted by her BBFF (Best Boy Friend Forever), Gage, who stopped over for a visit. They had fun looking at this cute picture book…Gage impressed Sadie by knowing all the vehicles. Sadie did not impress him with her knowledge of “boat” and “car”. She’s definitely not into vehicles. ;D


  1. We have the same book here, in Dutch 🙂

    Cute top!

  2. Cute top!

  3. That is so cute!! She looks adoreable!!
    Just got the flower clips today!! Love them! Kadie was so excited, she immediately put them all in her hair and has been wearing all three today!! Thank you so much!!

  4. One of my favorite Sadie outfits so far. I love, love the colors! By the way….I am so ready for spring! It is snowing heavily outside my window while I am writing this!

  5. Very cute top love your fabric choices! Sadie is to cute with her BBFF;0)

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sadie!!!!!!! (oh yah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfits too)

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