herringbone baby quilt

 Tada! I present to you: the baby's new quilt. With some help from my Facebook peeps I decided on a herringbone quilt design, and I love how it turned out! I saw the idea here, and there is a pattern for it, but as usual, I thoroughly winged it. I have only followed a quilt pattern....er pretty much never...I'm a rebel what can I say? (the lamest … [Read more...]

Sadie’s new-ish room

Well you guys saw that I finally finished Sadie's quilt...phew! Since she's had a big girl bed for quite some time, and was still using her little toddler quilts (which covered her up fine, just looked funny on that big ol bed), it was about time to finish it and get it on that bed. Also I spruced up her room a little bit-nothing big, just a few … [Read more...]

Sadie’s quilt

Hallelujah! I finally managed to finish Sadie's quilt, which I only started when she was a baby...that's all. And yes she's 3 1/2 now. In my defense, it was too big to quilt on my little machine, and I couldn't find a reasonable deal to have it sent off or too have somewhere local quilt it.  Then my mom and dad joined this cool shop with all kinds … [Read more...]

wee little airplane quilt

Gasp, a boy project! I had so much fun making this little quilt for a friend's son. She requested airplane fabric, so I searched around and found this on Etsy. I just love the vintage vibe, and little labels for all the different airplanes! If we ever have a boy, I want to make him something out of this fabric. Hmm should have bought extra. ( It … [Read more...]

little dolly quilt

I had it on good authority (me and Santa's tight, yo) that Charlotte was getting a baby doll for Christmas (baby Sleeping Beauty to be exact, man, that Santa is so informative), so I decided to make a quick doll quilt for her, after all, Sadie has a few so Charlotte surely deserves one of her own! Plus, I had a new tumbler die for my Go Baby … [Read more...]

baby shower gifts

So you saw the shower I co-hosted for my pal Aimee, right? So....I kind of went a little handmade crazy for her present. I couldn't help it! Baby girl stuff is just too much fun to make. My favorite part of her gift was this little quilt I made for baby Penny. It's not pieced, obviously, just two yards of fabric layered with batting and quilted, … [Read more...]

works in progress…

Hey, all! How was your weekend? Mine was busy and fun! I thought I'd show you some of my works in progress right now. (of course there are a million-point-five projects on the eventual to-do list, but we'll see which ones get done, eh?) The other day, Sadie and I walked down to a garage sale down the street from our house, and I found this … [Read more...]

circle quilt square tutorial

I know the holidays are still months away, but I couldn't help getting started on my big project this year-a Christmas quilt! You may have seen some of the fabric I got for it here, and I also added in some other prints from my stash, Etsy, and Joann's. (stash-red polka dots, Joann's red snowflakes, etsy-reindeers) I decided to go for a circle … [Read more...]

my new baby…

lol, just to be clear, I am SO not pregnant, but did I getcha? Even a little bit? nope? oh well. That's what I get for pulling such a lame "joke".  Anywho, I was referring to my new GO! Baby cutter that the nice folks at AccuQuilt sent me! I admit, I was a little intimidated by the box when it arrived, thinking it would be hard to figure out...but … [Read more...]

little "quilt"

I made this little "quilt" for my serger the other day. My thinking is that it hopefully will help muffle the noisiness of the serger when I really get 'er rip. (Since I usually sew during kiddos sleepy time.) This fabric makes me smile every. single. time. I see it! Gorgeous, huh? It's Amy Butler's Peacock Feathers (in sea glass) from her … [Read more...]