hot air balloon baby mobile

I've always loved hot air balloons. I've never rode in one, and probably never will (I'm skeered of heights) but they are just so darn adorable. I love the ones with different colored's the quilter in me I guess! I drew my inspiration from a few I found on Etsy and had to make my own for the new nursery decor. Maybe it will be hot air … [Read more...]

nursery planning-and a fabric sale!

***See the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway here!*** might have heard we're having another girl...and since we don't have to buy a whole new boy wardrobe*, I told Rory I'm definitely making new stuff for the nursery! It's nice to not have to paint the room either-and I still love the color, so I'm working with it. (see more pics of the … [Read more...]

evolution of a room

the evolution of the nursery was as follows: (prepare yourself) this is what the nursery looked like when we bought our house almost 2 years ago. yikes, right?!I was loving the palm tree border and lovely light switch...but they had to go.(go ahead, don't be scared...take a closer look)my favorite were the random cords sticking out of the … [Read more...]

updated nursery

so it's been really overcast here and these are the best pics I got of the new nursery...but I thought I'd share them anyways! I'm pretty sure Sadie thinks she's the coolest, with her two rooms. She'll be in for a shock when the baby shows up, lol.the new bedding I made awhile ago...the bumper is a bit wonky but looks ok. I LOVE the fabric. The … [Read more...]

Crafting for babies…

Now, obviously Sadie cannot do crafts yet, so the title refers to me crafting for her. haha. dur. Anyways, here are some things I've been up to lately... Gathered some cross stitching hoops on the cheap and made this fabric art for Sadie's wall! Close up, cute huh? Soo easy too. New pillow for the rocking chair, and it looks so much better than … [Read more...]

Butterflies are in the air

One of the crafty things I've had going for awhile is this cute butterfly mobile. Especially since Sadie now wakes up from naps or in the morning and talks to herself for a little while, this will give her something fun to look at. Or at least, one hopes it's fun to look at. I got the pattern and idea from this blog, and finally got Rory to screw … [Read more...]


Strap yourselves in! Here's a tour of the (almost) finished nursery! I say almost cause we still don't have blinds, or a glider (which is going in that empty corner), or both closet doors. Pretty close still! From the door shot. Her crib and birdie art! (and blanket that the wall color was based on) Her cute hide and go seek art that I found way … [Read more...]