Strap yourselves in! Here’s a tour of the (almost) finished nursery! I say almost cause we still don’t have blinds, or a glider (which is going in that empty corner), or both closet doors. Pretty close still!

From the door shot.

Her crib and birdie art! (and blanket that the wall color was based on)

Her cute hide and go seek art that I found way back when.

Her curtains, dresser, etc.

Changing table, shelves etc. The wall next to the shelves will also have another frame for her monthly pics and her initial on the wall…when we name her!

Wire heart I bought here and hung on the door. so sweet!

Some of the stuffed animals were a bit shy…

…but they came around!


  1. Awwww, it turned out soooo cute! I adore the colors you chose and you’ve done such a great job decorating! Your baby will be one lucky girl!

    Good luck in the next week(ish)! I hope all goes well with the delivery. I’ll be thinking about you!

  2. Very,very cute Jess! You have managed to get alot accomplished in these past few weeks!

    I hope you take some time to relax!! I am starting to wonder what your baby girl will be named:)

  3. SO adorable! Very soothing and calming and CUTE!!! Your nursery IS missing one more thing besides the blinds and glider chair though…YOUR BABY!!! Man, I can’t WAIT for the post that brags that cute baby girl, and reveals her name! How exciting! Love ya!

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