updated nursery

so it’s been really overcast here and these are the best pics I got of the new nursery…but I thought I’d share them anyways! I’m pretty sure Sadie thinks she’s the coolest, with her two rooms. She’ll be in for a shock when the baby shows up, lol.

the new bedding I made awhile ago…the bumper is a bit wonky but looks ok. I LOVE the fabric. The crib skirt looks weird cause it’s long, for when we put the mattress up higher. right now it’s gotta stay on the low setting for the sadester.

here’s the shot from the door. notice the valance thingy. there aren’t any more pictures of it because do you KNOW how hard it is to take pictures of tiny valances?

her quilt and a little pillow
a new collection of framed fabrics. my fav so far!

cool print from this shop.
felt birdie mobile. er, sorry. teet teet mobile, in sade-speak. I said long ago I’d make a tutorial for this, and I will…someday!

I painted these shelves to hang over the changing table…they were originally black, then white, then pink. I like them pink best. It gives them some attitude!

swapped out the fabric in the bow holder for an easy new look!

a close up of the shelves…an ikea vase with some “echinacea” flowers, framed ultrasound pic of Sadie (hmm, should swap that out, huh?), hummingbird print from this shop (did a swap, and LOVE it), a little pegasus thingybob, and an R.

The R is holding the space for baby’s initial…although an R name is a front runner right now!

So what do you think?


  1. Oh my!! SO darling…seriously, such a perfect little room!

    I LOVE the colors, the birds, the crib, Ok EVERYTHING!!

  2. This is such a beautiful room. I totally admire your skill for grouping fabrics and colors and things together. I am not very good at that. I am absolutely in love with the colors and fabrics and all the little things you’ve put together for your pretty little nursery. Thanks for sharing! It is refreshing and soothing just to look at something so lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. SUPER cute!!! I love all the little touches…and now I’m curious as to what R name you’re considering. Hmmm…

  4. Hi there! I’m new to posting, but been lurking for a few weeks! Loving your blog, and so, I had to comment on this room… prettier than anything I’ve seen! You’ve motivated me to redo my son’s room…uh oh!

  5. thanks guys!!

  6. Very cute! Love the new header too;)

  7. The framed fabric grouping looks awesome! I bought some hoops a while ago and have yet to pick out some fabric for them. The room looks really pretty.

  8. I really like your blog and your little cuuuuuute girl though I’m a foreigner and my English isn’t very well. I just want to tell you that You are fantastic!!! By the way, if you post the tutorial of the teet teet mobil, I’ll do one immediately.

  9. cuteness, love the bird mobile.

  10. The whole room is beautiful. The framed fabrics are my favourite’s. I want to do some in our 5 year old twin daughters room. I was going to do them all the same size but I like your idea better. I love the bird mobile too.

  11. It’s perfect!! Very nice and comfortable!!

  12. Great job! I am horribly embarrased to say both girls still sleep in our room – one master bedroom, three beds! Someday we’ll move them across the house… maybe before Bug’s fourth birthday? I would love to decorate a little girl room – so cute!

  13. such a cute room…great job. i agree that the shelves look awesome pink! also loving the framed fabric! i am brainstorming some kind of art collage wall for my daughters room. thanks for all the inspiration!

  14. It’s amazing how a little fabric and accessories can completely change a room! The fabric are luscious! So, so cute. I want another girl!!!

  15. Love, love, love, love, LOVE!!! You did an amazing job!! So cute!!

  16. this is such a cute room! i am so sorry i haven’t commented in forever but just wanted you to know, i’m still reading and still loving your blog – it’s just hard to type with one hand (i’m usually nursing as i read blogs, hehe). hope you’re feeling good!

  17. I love the bedding and the artwork above the crib!

    I just posted about nurseries on my blog today…you should check it out ๐Ÿ™‚



  18. Love this nursery. So sweet, simple, and special. I still haven’t completed my son’s room…ahem…he’s 2! Thanks for the inspiration!


  19. Oh, my cute! This gives me the motivation to finish up some things in my kids’ room! If you have any decorating tips for a girl/boy room, send them my way!

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