Junebug dress pattern testers

I couldn’t have finished the Junebug pattern without the help of these lovely ladies who pattern tested for me! They made some amazing Junebugs and their feedback was fantastic also. Thanks so much, ladies! And in no particular order, here they are!

Man oh man I want to make one in some nani iro now too! 
I love it in a tunic! these colors are perfect for summertime!

I love the color blocked bodice and orange skirt! This is Sadie’s fave…mostly because of her little friend in it but also the color combo!

I’m a sucker for red white and blue vintagey fabric so I LOVE this one! The sweet little bodice is adorable without sleeves.
Cassy (my awesome BFF)
I pretty much want to buy a bolt of this fabric. Excessive? Maybe. But still.
Mix and matching again-LOVe it! It works great with this pattern.

LOVE pink and navy…and add some pom pom trim. Fugeddaboutit.

Pink and green…so simple and sweet!

Veronica (she made both of these!)
Love the contrasting fabric, piping, and trim! She made this one with velcro, too! Awesome!

Swoon. That is all. Teal+awesome fabric+piping+cute girl. It’s all over.
First the delicate teal butterfly fabric…then you gotta stick that adorable gal in there…serious cuteness!
I am in love with the sash with the seersucker plaid! So summery.

 I love how each of the testers put their own stamp on the pattern-isn’t that what it’s all about!?

Thanks again ladies!


  1. It is really amazing! So many lovely dresses made of this pattern. With three girls in the house I just have to love this!
    Kind regards,
    Nathaly – the Netherlands

  2. I really need to try this pattern.It’s so cute! My favourite is the one caila is wearing.

  3. These dresses and tunics all turned out beautiful! You have some talented pattern testers!

  4. They are all so cute! I just love the buttons 🙂

  5. Cute! I love everyone’s spin on this pattern!


  6. Yay!! These are all so gorgeous! How fun to see them in so many different sizes and colors. Great job, Jess!

  7. Oh so cute, all of them! Thanks again for having me test, it was a pleasure to sew. 🙂

  8. I am so loving these! I just had to buy this and my other all time fav the bapron. How did your children get to be so damn adorable?!

  9. Such a great pattern Jess – my 4yo still insists on squeezing into her Junebug that I made her 2 years ago when you first released the tutorial. It’s become a tunic now and she wears it with leggings. I’ll have to grab the pattern so I can make a bigger size for her 🙂

  10. It’s so neat to see how different they all are! Each one is super cute, I can’t wait to make a junebug dress too.


  11. these are all adorable.. but pom-pom trim? be still my heart…

  12. I love them all! I wish I had twice as many hours in a day so I could sew up some more. =)

  13. So sweet! They are all too pretty for words. I just love the sleeveless ones. I’m thinking our grandgirl will need a new dress from this pattern soon!

  14. Jessica Way says

    Can’t wait to sew this up tomorrow. I bought the pattern a few hours ago and have already cut out the fabric.
    Would love to sew it now but don’t think my husband and children would appreciate hearing my machines going at this time of day. It’s 10.30pm in Australia.
    Would love to be a tester for a future pattern.
    I’m learning a whole new world of measurements, your inches are tricky to work out, especially when its a 1/4 or 3/8.
    All good though, online conversions are great.
    Thank you for your patterns, they are brilliant. Cannot wait to see what’s next.

  15. I made it!!!
    Looks divine, can’t wait for daylight to take a photo…
    Just one question, did your testers use the whole amount of fabric for the skirt part? Mine seems to have a lot more gathering then the above photos.
    Its not a problem, I think they all look great.

  16. I love your patterns! If you are ever in need of more pattern testers, I have a little girl in size 4T, a boy in 2T, and a baby girl due in August. I would be honored to test patterns for you!
    Jamie H @ coffeewithus3.blogspot.com

  17. Wow these are all gorgeous!

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