The Junebug pattern is here!

After months of working on it, the Junebug dress (and tunic!) pattern is finally here! I have so much respect for all you pattern designers out there, it's really a lot of work! I could not have done it without the fantastic skills of Melissa-from Melly Sews. She digitized and graded the pattern for me, and she did a spectacular job. Super … [Read more...]

Junebug sew along Part 3-sleeves and skirt

Now for the sleeves and skirt! Click below for the full tutorial! For the sleeves, this is a handy trick to make elastic casings a wee bit easier. Fold over the sleeve 1/4"... and then another 1/2". (or less, but I wanted a bit of a ruffled look on the edge, so I sewed my casing in about 1/8" from the edge, but more on that later) Do … [Read more...]

Junebug dress sew along part 2-bodice and buttonholes

Let's work on the bodice and buttonholes today...   Click below for the full tutorial! Take your two flap pieces and lay them down right sides together, pin, and sew around the sides and top. Clip the corners, turn right side out and press. Do the same with the bodice sides, but sew them right sides together-and not at the … [Read more...]

Junebug dress sew-along Part 1: pattern and pieces

And now for the Junebug dress tutorial/sew along. (without much fanfare apparently)   You'll need: 1-2 yards of fabric, depending on child's size. I barely scraped by with one yard for my 2T size 6 buttons-for the pattern I provide no larger than 5/8" thread, sewing and pattern making stuff (ie sewing machine and paper) You can … [Read more...]

the Junebug dress

I never know how to start these posts off. your left, we have a new dress! No, your other left.  ...sooo my scissors got away from me, and I made another dress (or 2, or 39)....'s a new dress that we found wandering the streets and adopted.... you see? so...I give up. I made a new dress. I named it the Junebug … [Read more...]