The Junebug pattern is here!

After months of working on it, the Junebug dress (and tunic!) pattern is finally here! I have so much respect for all you pattern designers out there, it's really a lot of work! I could not have done it without the fantastic skills of Melissa-from Melly Sews. She digitized and graded the pattern for me, and she did a spectacular job. Super … [Read more...]

the Junebug dress

I never know how to start these posts off. your left, we have a new dress! No, your other left.  ...sooo my scissors got away from me, and I made another dress (or 2, or 39)....'s a new dress that we found wandering the streets and adopted.... you see? so...I give up. I made a new dress. I named it the Junebug … [Read more...]