school themed cookies

I was feeling the itch to make some sugar cookies the other week. With all my spare time, ya know. 😉 But I had to scratch that itch, so I signed up to bring a treat for Sadie’s preschool graduation party. (I know. No caps and gowns at least) I of course, went with the obvious theme…school supplies. I used a wavy square for the letter ones, filled them in with white, then drew with food coloring pens, and piped on the letters. Those were fun! The pencils I cut with a template I made, then filled in the sides, then the middle, with the yellow so it would look like the sides of a pencil.

 Oh and added a pink eraser (meant to do some silver in between but I got ahead of myself, and plum forgot) and a colored in the black tip, and added a “No. 2”. Agh. too cute. The apple I jerry rigged with a circle and daisy. Used the daisy to cut leaves, then cut out a bit of the circle and pressed the leaf into that space. Then I cut a couple little bumps out of the bottom with the daisy, too. I love the little line of white-those be some shiny apples! Get me sugar cookie recipe here! (apparently it’s I-didn’t-even-notice-i’m-talking-like-a-pirate day) the icing recipe I use is here.

 Are you gearing up for end of school/beginning of summer?!

 I’m already looking forward to kindergarten. KIDDING….not. These girls are driving me and each other bonkers already!


  1. You are SO talented! Amazing!

  2. How freaking adorable!

  3. These are fantastic! How creative…and yummy looking too! Brilliant!

  4. You have got to be the BEST sugar cookie decorator around! Unbelievably cute! And this is my cue to say that when I see the mom’s with young one’s who seem overwhelmed with the chaos…I say that is nothing mam’! Not to discount the stressors of mommyhood for little ones–been there. But let me say they are still so cute to look at when they are little and drive you bonkers. I have a ten and thirteen year old and they are great girls. But some of the blankety blank I have been through with my 13 year olds “tude” is enough to long for the days of young ones! Oh, and you have three girls! Enjoy, yours are too cute to drive you bonkers, no???

  5. These are absolutely adorable. Good girl for following your creative side in all areas of your life. Have a fantastic summer.

  6. WOW! Those cookies are super cute!

  7. These are fantastic! Sugar cookies are not something I have the patience of eye to make, but I love admiring other people’s work. They are so clean and professional!

  8. These are the cuties things I have ever seen! I’m a teacher and if a parent brought in something that adorable I don’t know if I’d let the kids eat them. 😉 Just kidding, but seriously.


  9. seriously, your cookie decorating skillz are UNREAL. i love these!

  10. You are so amazing- those are awesome. My oldest is finishing Kindergarten now, I might “try” to steal this idea. I agree- my girls are so crazy together, it is going to be a very long summer!

  11. Ye crack me up, Jess!!!! And these are awesome.

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