updated craft room

Well it’s about time. I’ve been hinting about a craft room makeover-ok makeover is the wrong word….slightly updated craft room. I mean, craft studio….don’t I sound legit now? Anyways, it’s changed a little from the last time I did an update, (wow that was ages ago) so check that one out if you want to see the difference! For now, let’s delve into all the little updates, changes, and organizational whoozits and whatsits galore that I added!

The layout is still the same…new shelves for my fabric were in the cards, I wrote about those here.

Let’s start with the fun stuff! The fabric shop stash!

Read on for more craft room fun!

Ahhh….sometimes I just sit in front of these shelves and soak it all in….the possibilities! I use comic book boards (affiliate link) to fold up my fabric into little bolts…it works great and is an inexpensive option!

On the top shelves, I store my 1 yard cuts, button cards, book, and solids, as you can see by my labeling. I’m nosy so I like to see where people store their stuff…maybe you are too?

On the bottom shelves I store my 1.5 and 2 yard cuts, home dec, flannel, voile, go Baby cutter and dies, (affiliate link) knits, knits, and more knits! Also some minky, chiffon, and laminated cotton.

 next lets move on down the row of storage things and check out what’s in the big one!

 This is a hand me down storage thingy from my parents, and I love how much it can hold. Definitely does it’s job. So in this one I have my….well…just read the labels. Most, if not all of my storage containers were thrifted-the others came from Joanns/Michaels/Hobby Lobby/Target.

Then over to the little wooden shelf I think we inherited/stole from my in laws. I love having my freezer & pattern paper, & interfacing all together in that wire basket…so handy and organized. (pats self on back)

 I may be growing out of my piping and bias tape storage…just sayin’.


Thread! I mostly use Coats and Clark, with some Guttermann thrown in there when they have the color I need. I also hang my measuring tape on this holder. Easy to grab!

Then over to the sewing table! I have a Brother SE-350 sewing machine-(affiliate link) have had it for 5 years and love it. (but still, saving my pennies for a Bernina all the same!) I have only used the embroidery attachment a whopping one time. Not a fan of machine embroidery I guess.  It’s a tough machine and has done it’s job. I also love the start/stop button instead of a pedal.

This is my “ultimate” pincushion-love this thing. I don’t use the thread catcher anymore, but I love the pockets for my seam rippers, fabric pens and pencils, and corner turner. Above it I keep my most used sewing feet, tiny scissors, and the random tools you need close by. I also have a wrist pincushion which travels around the room with me when I want to gather and pin whilst catching up on shows. I throw my scraps and thread into the collapsible box above-I kinda want to make a cuter one that is sturdy…maybe someday.

In between the sewing machine and my mini ironing board are my fabric weights. 
I like the flat ones made with large washers the best, but the small ones are great for holding down skinny pattern bits-like shoulders, etc. Behind that bowl, in a piece of pottery my little bro made, I store my rotary blade, scissors, pencil, hem gauge, pinking shears, and chopstick (for turning corners).

Alright! Over to this bright corner! You may have noticed the new curtains-I made them using this fabric.(looks like it’s out of stock but at least you can see the name) I love the bright colors. I also have my calendar where I keep track of guest posts, my posts, and giveaways. My wooden scissors and sewing sign hang right above.

Now you can see my new little shelf, too. Love that one! It brightens up my day!

And…more labeling in case you’re wondering. If not…moving on…

Or moving down, I should say. Under the desk I have the remnants of a great civilization….just kidding. The remnants of my scrapbooking career. And my paper cutter and small cutting mat.

Above the desk I hang up current projects to brighten up the wall! That yellow circle skirt was a PR&P muslin-will blog about that someday… I also made a quick oilcloth garland to go across this wall-using some oilcloth from Oilcloth Addicts, my oval die from Go Baby, and some twill tape.

I covered my computer stand with some more of the removable wallpaper Chasing Paper sent me awhile back. I honestly love this stuff-it’s so easy to apply and looks fantastic!

I made this inspiration board lickety split-it was so fast. Just cut some pine boards, screwed them together, whitewashed it (white paint with water mixed together), then wrapped jewelry wire around it and stapled that on. I used this idea for my inspiration. I love keeping pretty pictures, helpful tip cards, and cute things the girls have made me up here.

Here’s the little nook that is right inside the door. You can see my foam board glitter art, and bulletin board in this corner, and my newest adoption-a child size mannequin that my pal Jessie grabbed for me when she saw a kids clothing store going out of business.  It’s about the right size for both of the girls-since Sadie is such a skinny minnie.

Over a little bit, here’s my spot where I store some other stuff….look below for the deets.

I hang my FQ’s-then some 1/2 yard cuts, and stuff to refashion in the wire drawers. You can see I named my mannequin. She’s part of the family now, yo.

Ahhh shield your eyes! Messssy. Anyways…I keep a lot of stuff in here-party supplies, jewelry stuff, yarn, wool felt, adhesives, beads, craft stuff, leftover party table coverings, jars, present wrapping stuff, clothespins, spray paint, batting, poly fil, some large pieces of foam I keep for some reason….it’s so messy but seriously better than it used to be, so that’s sayin’ something.

Here’s a closer look at the top of the little shelves-I used more of the wallpaper to cover the top-it had some stains so it was the perfect solution. I sewed up a new Silhouette cover with some awesome (echino?) glasses fabric.

Ok…still more! Stick with me! Over in this corner is my newly repainted dresser, some organizing cubes (with more wallpaper-I HEART that stuff), washi tape in jars, some ribbon spools, and my serger table. Oh and the best collection ever.

My vintage toy sewing machine collection! I love these and they are so fun to collect…so unique. They are pricey, but I love them so much it’s worth it. You can see the other one in the pic above-it’s yellow and awesome and might still work…I’ll have to tinker with it someday.

My serger is a Brother 1034 D  (affiliate link), and I love it. This table is NEVER this clean. That’s how much I love you guys. I picked up all the crap on this table and threw it in the hallway. That’s love.

I love organizing my PDF and homemade patterns in this magazine holders-found these the other week at the Target $1 spot…cute & budget friendly! I added some chalkboard label stickers I got at Michaels, and labeled them accordingly.

So there you go! That’s my craft room studio. It’s definitely my favorite room of the house…big surprise there!
Bonus question: How many sewing machines, real or decorative, are there in my room? (hint: it’s excessive/obsessive)

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  1. WOW! seriously? people actualy have places like this in their homes?
    I need to get a bigger house 🙂

  2. Oh, this is so unfair!!!! I love your craft room!
    Maybe someday I’ll have something like it… at the moment I am on the big family table…. 🙁

    Love the pics

  3. I LOOOOOOOVE your craftroom ( sorry, craftstudio….;).)

  4. alexandra says

    Wow, your sewing room is incredible.
    I hate you lol
    My sewing room*, (jks, its actually a small desk) looks like a fluff monster threw up all over it. Oh and theres pins, ALL over the ground. Like Saw IV— sewing style 😉

  5. Wow I thought mine was nice hahahah
    Yours is gorgeous!
    Dream room 🙂

  6. It looks fabulous!! (getting slightly jealous here … :-))

  7. That is not a room – it’s a huge treasure chest! So many craft thingies….. yummy! 😀

  8. Oh my god, I love it! When we go house hunting in September I will sure be looking for a place where I can develop one of these baby’s myself! 🙂 Great job Jess!

  9. your room, sorry studio 😉 looks so bright and light! My room needs some serious lighting work! I love all the storage you have. I really need to work on that too. I used to have enough fabric storage but I keep buying more fabric and I’m running out of room!

  10. Hi Jess, I’m about to check some inspirations about craft room from pinterest when I saw your post today. Yours is just in time! I like how you organize all your sewing stuffs. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh!!! That room is amazing!! I don’t think I could sit still if I had a room like that – the excitement of all the possibilities. And organised so beautifully!!! What a delight!

  12. BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I had a room like this in my house. I love the colors, all the fabric, and the way everything is organized…this must be what heaven looks like 😉 Job well done!!

  13. Thanks for the tour. I love your updated craft room. So many good ideas! You have inspired me.

  14. WOW….see if someone made a competition like ‘guess my sewing room’ that would have been an easy one. It is very much you….and that is of course meant as a compliment. Beautiful!

  15. Is it weird that I want to live in your craft studio? I love everything about it, especially the fabric! Posts like this are so great. I like seeing how other people organize their spaces. I feel like I never know what to do with mine! Your space is seriously so awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Well put me down as one of those nosey people who loved this post! It’s so bright and full of color, I love it. I like the nice touches you put in (like the wallpaper coverings and the cover for the silhouette machine) very nice! Like half the people that sew, I have the same serger as you. I’m rooting for you on getting the money to get your Bernina! Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

    Oh, didn’t know if you knew this: If you outline your text (in the pics) in a thin black line, you can read it on any color. Lol, I only recently found that out myself! Feel free to delete this part before you approve my comment, I don’t mind.

    Thanks again 🙂

  17. Thanks for letting us peek! So inspirational, maybe it will motivate me to have a dedicated space to create someday.

  18. It’s lovely!!! What fun.

  19. Looks amazing! I can’t wait to redo mine this summer. I hope I can make it as cute as you did!

  20. I recently discovered your blog and I love it! I’ve been sewing a lot recently and come here often…Thanks so much for all the inspiration! I’m about to purchase my first serger (eeek!!) and can’t wait. Oh, and I’m also saving my pennies for a Bernina…holy cow those machines are spendy!

    Thanks again for such a great blog!

    p.s. your daughters are adorable

  21. Oh my goodness!!! I am so in love and so jealous. This is fabulous. How lucky you are to have such an amazing space. Simply beautiful.

  22. I love the “stick with me here” as I was thinking this had to be the longest–yet most awesome–tours of a craft studio ever! I can usually breeze through most of my blogs in the a.m. before school. I only got to yours, had to stop, take my daughter to school, go to Target, and NOW just finished it with my milk and cookies:) Whew!!!
    I LOVE it–such character and personality–just like you!

  23. Your studio is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
    The whole way around the room I kept thinking “There is no way that is all her stuff” and then you got to the closet and I was totally “That’s more like it!!” Since I don’t have a designated craft area, that’s what every closet in our apartment looks like!

  24. This is my favorite post you’ve ever written. I loved your details and I pretty much want to copy everything you’ve done here. Also, I want to steal your whole stash of knits.

    Would you consider doing a series on how to work with knits? I know you did the one for Girl Charlee, but I’d love some in-depth help. I just got a serger and I’d love to have some instruction on how to best use it with knits.

    Your studio is beautiful. Thanks for such a thorough tour!

  25. Thank you for sharing your studio! I am BEYOND envious of how amazing it is! I love the decorations and all your supplies. Swoon!

  26. Thank you for the tour. Your room is perfect. I am getting ready to clean, redo my craft room/office and I am so overwhelmed. I appreciate the inspiration.

  27. What a great room! I hope to someday have a room just dedicated to crafts and sewing!! Someday…


  28. This is absolutely gorgeous! To say I am a little jealous would be an understatement 😉

  29. jess! this craft room is A-M-A-Y-Z-I-N-G!!! Oh my God! I wish it!!! I really like your blog, you do so cute and useful things! Even mine is not as beautiful as yours I invite you to visit it: I’m organizing a prize as far as I’ll arrive to 250 followers. Receive a lot of kisses from Barcellona! Montse of lesmiliunaidees.blogspot.com

  30. It looks great! I love seeing how everyone organizes their crafty supplies. I recently redid my craft room and I can’t stop swooning every time I go in there! Enjoy your updated space! 🙂

  31. Love your room! Someday I will have more space for all of my machines and other toys(like when a few kids leave home:)

    Thank you for sharing! It brings back happy memories of a time when I too created for my kids. Now, with 5 kiddos it’s hard to find time to sew like I want. Too many hours in the car toting them around 🙂 But I wouldn’t trade this job for anything.

    Oh, and a Bernina is sooo worth it! Just purchased their fancy serger to go with my trusty old Bernina machine(purchased used).

    Thanks again for sharing

  32. What a perfect studio! I love the wall color. I’m wanting to paint mine (currently pumpkin) to a light turquoise. I counted 11 sewing machines, counting the one on your inspiration board. Everything is so organized, it must be a true joy to work in there.

  33. Wow! That room is packed, yet so neat and orderly so it’s not overwhelming. It looks fabulous!


  34. This is such a beautiful room! So much inspiration for when we move to our new house and I get my own craft room…er, studio! 😉

  35. What a great studio! You were legit a long time ago. 😉 Love the striped skirt hanging on the wall, the wall color, your fabric shop, and the natural light. For me, I find it best not to fold my cotton laminates b/c the folds are kind of a pain to try to iron out on a low setting. The one piece of laminate I still have is draped over the decorative pillows that I only put on our bed if someone’s coming over. 🙂 I’ve heard you can roll it too….

  36. One word – JEALOUS! That is all. 🙂

  37. Wow! Seriously this is one beautiful space to ‘work’ in. Love the colours and soooo tidy. You must be so happy with it, well done.

  38. I love your craftroom!!!!!

  39. Anonymous says

    I counted 11 sewing machines, but I also include pictures of machines in that count. A little jealous your sewing room looks great!—–Robin

  40. wow, wow, wow!!

  41. What a beautiful craft room!

    Do you happen to know what color paint you used? I love it and it looks like it would match fabric I have picked out to make curtains and accessories for my own craft room.

    I also love the accessories and wall decor- especially the shelf of vintage sewing machines.

  42. Love everything (you rock with labels, lol)!
    Of course, now I’m be daydreaming about a sewing room (of my own) 🙂

  43. I love your creative space. Aren’t you concerned about your fabric fading? You probably use it up faster than it can fade, though. I have to keep mine behind doors! You have eleven sewing machines in your room (at least)!

  44. I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I’m so glad I did! I love the pictures of your studio and enjoy seeing and reading about your projects,too.

  45. I super dig it. your style is so fabulous, Mine seems uhhmm for a better word “eclectic” I love your stash of, well everything, and I think I counted 10 sewing machines. with pictures and actual sewing machines etc. very stinking cute. my room that I use doesn’t have a closet (super big frowny face) but it works and I get the job done. Not terribly thrilled to see how it will be this summer being the hottest room in the house. whatevs right?! looking at your cool girl color scheme chills me out. thanks for the nosy girls tour of your sewing room er eh studio.

  46. Seriously great room, unbelievably jealous of not just the room, but the organization and all the great stuff, the vintage sewing machines, the buttons on the wall, the scissors, the mending the soul sign….sigh…I think I may have to keep revisiting this room, it will be my happy place. Just when I was liking my sewing room you post this dreamland…LOL

  47. It looks AMAZING! So organized, and so colorful! Would you ever do a serger tutorial? Just basic stuff- it would be really awesome if you did!


  48. As a dining table after dark sewer this post is like internet craft p0rn. I’m jealous and delighted for you at the same time.

  49. It’s beautiful!!! I am cleaning the drool of my keyboard!! Love love love those toy sewing machines! Doesn’t a freshly cleaned craft “studio” inspire you so much!!?

  50. it’s simply awesome 🙂 love your craft room

  51. Lovely room and so bright. Light is everything in a sewing room – especially when winter comes around as it is here in Australia. Can you tell me where you got your cotton reel holders from? Thanks, Pam

  52. I love your craft studio! I noticed on your bookshelf that you had some Ottobre magazines. What do you think of them? Have you sewn anything from them? I’ve been thinking about getting a subscription.

  53. I saw 6 sewing machines and at least 2 decorative…
    I really need to do some spring cleaning in my studio ~ I seriously need a new ironing board cover!

  54. Fernanda says

    Lovely. I’ll have one like this someday!

  55. OH. MY. GOD. I am so jealeous of you right now! Amazing studio…

    (But aren’t you afraid that your fabrics will “shine off”? Or how do you say that in English?)

  56. LOVE!LOVE!LOVE!! And I have major envy/inferiority complex at how darn neat & organized your fabric stash is. I ordered the comic boards (GENIUS by the way) & can’t wait to make mine look legit so maybe I can one day share it with the public!

  57. okay I want to say a few things…HOLY KNIT being the first one!!! I love that you sew on the same tables that I sew on ha. AND I love how you organize your patterns. Its like why didn’t I ever think of that? So awesome! I have a space like this but its not nearly as cute. I better get to work. Thanks for sharing!

  58. Your craft room is beautiful! You should sell some of your scraps 😉

  59. Wow, great job! I like all the labels-thanks! Ps. What dress is “Agnes” wearing, did you post about it? What is the main fabric? Pps. You are really funny 😉

  60. Thanks for sharing your room, My daughter moved out so I have her large room as soon as I get everything out I neede some ides I do have a large sewing room mixed in with my family room but in needs help so I thought why not move everything into her room except cutting table because I have large cutting table and leave up design wall and make a second design wall. thanks your room I could live in 24/7

  61. Did anyone else look for the sewing machines?? I found 11 and that was including the serger. Am I right? Am I right??

  62. I love how calm, cheerful, and organized your craft studio is! I sew in my living room right now, but someday I want my sewing room to look JUST like yours. =)

  63. your room is AMAZING! What an inspiration for my craft room! I love it!!

  64. I counted 11 as well!

  65. Love love love it.

    Question. I was thinking of using one of those white tables in the crafting part of our office I’m redoing. I used one of them to sew on over the weekend and my machine bounced around like CRAZY!!! The table, being plastic, isn’t give the support like I thought it would. Do you find this with your tables? If so how do you combat it?

  66. Love your craft room! It’s so bright and light in there! It looks like a great place to get creative.

    I currently have a tiny craft corner and a small stash of fabrics under the bed. When I get a bigger space I’ll be looking back here for organization ideas for sure!

  67. Hi, you have got a lovely and neat craft room. Just dropping by to say hi and I love all the clothings you have made for your kids. They are lovely. nothing beats handmade stuff!

  68. LOVE everything about it!!!!!! Am a bit jealous too – lol!!!!!

  69. I am so jealous of your craft room!!


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