ultimate pincushion

I’m on a pincushion roll, apparently. My old pincushion was in need of an update, and I loved the thread bag, spots for scissors, etc., and strip of wool felt for needles that this tutorial had. I used some leftover scraps from my stockings, and some scraps that my awesome pal Anna sent me for my birthday. (I can’t wait to use the rest of them! She has such great taste in fabric!)

Anyways…love how it turned out. Now I’m covered in all my pincushion needs. Booyah!


  1. I could make good use of that! All of my little gadgets pile up in front of me as I sew until things start falling all over and I want to clear the table with a grand arm-sweep.

  2. Wow. That really is the ultimate pin cushion! Looks great.

  3. I love the bright colors in your fabrics! I know I am in need of a new pin cushion because the one I made when I first started sewing looks horrible! I already have some ideas of what fabric scraps to use too! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Definitely the ultimate pincushion. It looks great.

  5. That is one sweet pincushion! I’ve had something like this in mind, but just don’t seem to get around to doing it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. The only thing I would change, living in Florida, would be to stuff with Crushed Walnut Shells, sold in pet shops, to fill reptile tanks. It has the weight of raw rice without attracting bugs.
    Now, enough of reading blogs. It’s time to make a GREAT pincushion.

    [email protected]

  7. She’s a beaute!

  8. Super cute! My mother-in-law made pincushions with attached thread bags for her daughters and daughters-in-law for Christmas, and to be honest, when I opened it, I had NO clue what it was… My MIL saw my perplexed look and kindly explained it to me. Needless to say, I don’t sew a whole lot… 🙂 Love your fabric choices!

  9. I awarded you with A Most Sylish Blogger Award…please feel free to stop by and see the post!

  10. This is so cool! I’m going to make one for myself, my sister and my mother-in-law!

  11. Oh, love this!!

  12. That’s fantastic and something I desperately need! I think I’ll have to make a couple… one for my sewing machine area and one for the couch for when I cross stitch or do other needle crafts. Thanks for the post!

  13. Lovely pin cushion. I love the polka dot/flower combo. I need the little scrap bucket. My thread bits always end up on the floor no matter how careful I am to keep them in a little pile on the table. Then I see my youngest crawl by with thread bits all over her butt:)

  14. turned out super cute jess. 🙂 glad you are making use of those fabrics, you go girl!

  15. Love your pincushion! I made the same one about a year ago and love it, such a useful little thing!

  16. What is this one filled with? My mom said stuffing with sand will keep needles/pins sharp… I used stuffing and weighted mine with large washers in the bottom. I may change it up before I post If I can think of something better (which I’m sure I will…). Thanks for the Idea, I LOVE IT!


  17. How nice and useful!

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