sticker you review

I am almost set to post Sadie's Harry Potter party! Before I do, I wanted to show you these amazing custom badges that the lovely people over at Sticker You sent me! They let you add any image and then they cut the shape perfectly! The website was really easy to use and I got them uploaded and ordered in a jiffy! They are SUCH great quality-really … [Read more...]

Grand Legacy at the Park stay!

We had the best time at Disneyland this week....kidless. yes, we went solo! AND it was amazing!! Much thanks for the stay, Grand Legacy At the Park hotel! We loved staying here!  They have several businesses on the bottom floor that are handy! A Pizzaterian, Alpha Gift Mart, Creamistry, and Jimboy's Tacos, plus an office to book your tickets … [Read more...]

Sew Classic clothes for girls

I am so thrilled for my good friend Lindsay and her amazing new book, Sew Classic Clothes for Girls! (<--affiliate link) She's been a blog pal since we both were in the very first season of Project Run and Play together, and I admire her so much! She has worked so hard on her book,  and it shows. It is nothing less than lovely, charming, … [Read more...]

KCW: grey and mint greenpoint cardigan (and a button giveaway!)

For day two of Kids Clothes Week, I finally, FINALLY sewed up a Greenpoint cardigan! and then quickly wondered why in the world I hadn't done so earlier! I've had the pattern ever since it came out, but for some reason it always got pushed to the back burner. It's a fabulous pattern-the instructions and tips are impeccable, and it sewed up … [Read more...]