KCW: grey and mint greenpoint cardigan (and a button giveaway!)

grey & mint greenpoint cardi by craftiness is not optional

For day two of Kids Clothes Week, I finally, FINALLY sewed up a Greenpoint cardigan! and then quickly wondered why in the world I hadn’t done so earlier! I’ve had the pattern ever since it came out, but for some reason it always got pushed to the back burner. It’s a fabulous pattern-the instructions and tips are impeccable, and it sewed up beautifully! I used some buttery soft grey pinstripe knit I got when Kristin was visiting (still need to post about that!), she actually got some too…it’ll be fun to see what she makes with it! It’s a sturdy knit which made it perfect for this pattern. I sewed buttonholes on knit for the first time, and had no problems, surprisingly. Just make sure, as Adrianna suggests in the pattern, to use interfacing and do a few practice buttonholes on scraps before attempting them on the placket.

I paired the grey with some mint green buttons I received recently from Fastenation Studios-I love how they POP on the dark grey fabric. Hannah sent me a fun bundle of buttons that I can’t wait to use! Her buttons are made by hand with high quality polymer clay and double glazed for a glossy finish. They are lovely in person-and each set is seriously almost identical, with handmade buttons, that is so amazing! See the rafflecopter giveaway widget on the bottom of the post to enter to win a button bundle like mine! (shown below) woot woot!

IMG_6343photo credit: Fastenation Studios

grey greenpoint cardi by craftiness is not optional

Back to the cardi-I sewed up a 4T and it fits well, with room to grow in the sleeves and length-perfect to last through this winter! I sewed it up pretty quickly, and easily-I used my sewing machine with a zig zag  and then finished off the seams with my serger. I feel like that gives me the best finish for knits.

grey mint greenpoint cardi by craftiness is not optional

Hauty Sadie is playing at being the best dressed in the house, yet again. I fear I am creating a fashionista. There are worse things, I guess.

silly grey mint greenpoint cardi by craftiness is not optional

Enter to win this button bundle below! (say that five times fast!)

(Disclaimer: I was sent buttons in exchange for a review/giveaway, but all thoughts and opinions are my own)


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  1. Such a cute cardigan, and the buttons are absolutely adorable!

  2. that cardigan is so adorable! I LOVE cardigans! I think i may need this pattern…..

  3. I love the minty green buttons!

  4. Super cute!! I love the mint buttons! I always like a simple button with modern silhouettes.

  5. Cute! And those buttons…. love ’em. Makes me want to attempt button-making. =)

  6. The mint ones are awesome, but I also love the ice cream cones, the ladybugs and the apples. Also any with dots!

  7. Gabriela L says

    Love the yellow/white flowers!

  8. What a lovely cardi 🙂 The colours compliment each other so well 🙂

  9. Love it! Looks so nice and confortable.

  10. love love love!!! the color is great, and the buttons are amazing!! :o) I’m a new pinterest follower… :o) I have a group board called Sewing for Kids… I’d LOVE for you to join. If you follow me back at ntcreations I’ll be able to add you to the board… pop me an e-mail at [email protected] to let me know :o) Emily

  11. Lori Smanski says

    You always make such cute clothes for the girls. I love this cardigan. Thanks for a chance to win such adorable buttons. Really hard to pick just one. LOL thanks for the web site.

  12. Love buttons! This cardigan is adorable!

  13. I was over looking at buttons this morning, they are impeccable! And beautiful! I won some from Little Kids Grow and I can’t wait to order some. I seeing if she can do teeny doll sized buttons:) If so, I’ll be putting in a big order! I love your cardigan, the buttons set it off!

  14. I love those cute polkadot buttons! Adorable 🙂

    I like the simple grey cardigan with the color pop on the buttons. BUttons make great color pops 😀

  15. Thanks so much Jess for hosting this review & giveaway! (I’m the button lady!)
    Your cardigan turned out awesome but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. ; ) I wish I could sew so ; ) well.
    I have too many hobbies, *sigh* I don’t have time for them all. ; )
    Also, thank you to all of you who have encouraged me through your comments!

  16. aw cutie! love the mint buttons with the gray – very nice, very nice. not sure what i’m gonna do with mine yet, but it’ll be cozy!

  17. Where did you get this lovely fabric? (please)

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