Tada. An outfit I made a few days ago…that shirt was so frustrating. Never sew gathers with linen. ARRRH. I wanted to call my mom to help me, but it was like 10:30 at night. Another reason not to start a pattern at 8:30 at night. Oh well. The shorts were of course super easy so that made me feel better. I used the Simplicity pattern 4203 for the shirt.

Why the Disneyland picture? Glad you asked. We’re headed off for another trip this Friday. Sadie’s third trip before she’s 10 months old. Thank goodness for season passes! We’re going with Rory’s family, it will be fun to see our niece and nephews again and spend some time with Rory’s sister and brother in law. It will be a longer trip, so here’s to hoping she does well again!

On another subject, someone in our family (Joanna?) found this video awhile back but I just watched it again and had to share. It’s such a fun video…you’ll see!(don’t forget to pause the music at the bottom before you play it!)


  1. I’m so jealous you’re going to Disneyland. Have fun. Say “hi” to Mickey for me.

    That was a great video. Made me want to get up and dance.

  2. Oh my gosh I am obsessed with that video now!!! I loved it! So…amazing! I wish I could witness that one day!!!

  3. That little outfit is just PRECIOUS! Great job.

  4. I just had a dream we went to Disneyland…only a dream! *sigh*

    That shirt and short set is so cute! Love, love the material.

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