Bunny and Block

So, my second attempt at making a stuffed animal was a little better. For one thing, Rory did not dub it “psycho demon kitty”, (or psycho demon-bunny), so I’m ahead already. We named her Bunny. I know she doesn’t have a face yet, but I’m pregnant! Give me a break. (that excuse is soo handy sometimes!)

Also, I tried a soft fabric block pattern that was surprisingly easy, so I’m waiting for some cute fabric coming in the mail, to make a set of blocks for the baby. I also need to find some bells to put inside so they make noise! I thought I had some around here, but I guess not. Oh, and I also (finally) figured out how to do a slip stitch! I had to google it, but it was pretty easy to figure out and now I can close my seams without it looking like a thread massacre! yesss.

cute eh?


  1. I favorited that fabric! haha! Where did you find the pattern for those blocks? Can you send me the link? I wanna try them out.

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