The Playdate dress: a tutorial

I've been getting better braver at sewing with knits, and I spotted this cute dress  and knew I had to make one just like it! I also just happened to have a tee shirt in my refashion pile that was the same striped print, and some green knit, sooo....I went for the whole she-bang with this refashion/knock off! [inspiration dress] [pretty … [Read more...]

keyhole tee shirt: a tutorial

I saw a little keyhole detail like this on a friends' daughter's shirt and thought it looked fun, so of course I had to try it out asap.  I used a thrifted tee (before pic below) and used the existing hem-I love doing that, it saves a whole step, plus my knit hems never look good. Isn't that teal button the perfect accent (and color?) It's from … [Read more...]

Lily Bird pattern review and giveaway!

  *********This giveaway is now closed.********* I'm back with another pattern review from Lily Bird patterns-her cuffed shorts this time! Aren't they adorable? So here's my review! I did enjoy the challenge of these shorts-but they were easier than I thought they'd be! I did have a little problem with the … [Read more...]

summer lovin’ top tutorial

I kept having visions of summer dancing in my head while sewing this shirt. I don't know if it was the bright yellow fabric or the warm weather I was enjoying, but it works! I totally love Sadie in yellow. and cute shorts.  I love the little swoops (technical term, btw) on the shoulders and the buttons. And the stripeys! Gotta love stripeys.  … [Read more...]

the one where I stuff all the clothes I’ve made lately into one post.

The title says it all in this one, right? I've been busy sewing up some fun clothes for the girls, and I have a busy April here on ye ol' blog (hint hint fun things in store! see the sidebar for a clue), so I thought I'd put them all into one ginormous post. So good luck to you all, hope you can finish it. You just know I couldn't stop making … [Read more...]

Dress A Girl pleated pillowcase dress

When Vanessa first contacted me about her Dress a Girl Around the World sew along, I was so excited to participate. What a great charity-and browsing through the website made me so excited to sew up a dress (or two or three!) for a darling little girl somewhere!So here's my take on a pillowcase dress-with a pleated trim and sash. :D … [Read more...]

little blue flowers

Sadie has been on this kick lately...she wants to wear dresses every. single. day. Be still my heart! Oh darn, right? So I hopped to and made her this little number. I made it from a thrifted skirt (check out the before at the bottom of the post), which cost a whopping $2 or something. That kind of refashioning deal makes me giddy! ( I … [Read more...]

new duds

Here are some new tops I've made lately for the Sadester. One morning she was particularly agreeable and wanted to try all of the shirts on for me. Except she didn't want to take pictures in them-just change in and out. So out came the chocolate chips. I'm shameless. I LOOVE this one...I made it from a thrifted knit top in great shape-I loved the … [Read more...]

skirt to dress refashion tutorial

Sadie has turned into quite the little model. She dragged me outside to take pictures, and posed like crazy. Notice the hand on hip. Sassy! Okay, sorry. Got carried away with showing off my adorable daughter. On to the tutorial! Ask, and I will deliver! A tutorial for a refashioned skirt to child's dress. :) I picked this … [Read more...]

purple checkered dress

I kind of love this combo of purple and black/white.Soooo I had this onesie (purple of course), and it made it through Sadie's infant days unscathed, but Charlotte proved to be the better blower-outer of diapers. It was ruined from the waist down. At first, I was just going to toss it, but then I remembered this tutorial from Make it and Love it, … [Read more...]