the one where I stuff all the clothes I’ve made lately into one post.

The title says it all in this one, right? I’ve been busy sewing up some fun clothes for the girls, and I have a busy April here on ye ol’ blog (hint hint fun things in store! see the sidebar for a clue), so I thought I’d put them all into one ginormous post. So good luck to you all, hope you can finish it.
You just know I couldn’t stop making these shirts! She grew out of her old ones anyways. They’re adorable, and so fun to pick out the fabric pairings! This one I made the sleeves gathered a bit so they fit in better. See this tutorial for info about that. I also cut the front piece a little wider and gathered it a bit before sewing it to the bodice.
Politely begging for her Pez candies. I tell you, they work!
Oh, and those buttons? Adorbs, right? I got them here and was so excited when they went with this fabric-hooray for using up buttons! Or am I the only one who hoards and collects them? Nah! just kidding, I didn’t think so.
Also, try not to notice the left side of the bodice I cut upside down. Why do I always point out these things? lol.
The main fabric is Chris Chun, Le Jardin de Papillons, Garden in Brown. The trim fabric is Clothworks Mostek-Avalon scallops in Pink.Β 
I’ve had this pink striped knit shirt waiting for me in my refashion pile for…like…eva, so I finally used it to make a top for the Sadester! I thrifted it-I love using thrifted knits from high quality companies, like Lands End, etc. I got this one for less than $1! I just sewed up a simple knit shirt…and then…
…I cut out little different sized circles and hand sewed them on across the front neckline-easy and pretty quick!
I also made a jean skirt for her-which is too poufy…my bad. It’s still cute in these pics, but the fabric is so stiff it’s a bit crazy. Oh well!
She is doing the hands on hips pose a lot lately, she cracks me up!
Here’s a better shot of the skirt-it has some tucks along the bottom-I used this tutorial for that-very cute effect! Just wish I’d cut off some of the width. Oh well! That’s my tiny 2 year old’s fault for being tiny. I’ll have to try again I guess.
I mixed it up with this new skirt of Sadie’s….used this skirt tutorial and this pocket tutorial.
I think I needed some heavier interfacing for the waistband, but it works. We won’t mention how I sewed the waistband on crooked. Oops.
The fabric I used is from my super cool sponsor, Lily Bella Fabrics! I used this for the main fabric, and this for the accent.
Sadie is letting me play with her hair lately, so I tried this braided do’. Pretty cute, and her hair looks AWEsome after it comes out, frizzy and going every which way. lol.
Of course, she’s a fan of the pockets. Can you blame her? Pockets are awesome for kids.
Β And I couldn’t leave Charlotte out of the fun! I made this little knit shirt out of some fabric my supa cool bloggy friend Katie gave me!

Β She seems to like it!

So whew! I hope you made it through that pile of clothing fairly unscathed.


  1. These little clothes are fabulous!

  2. oh my gosh, this was so much fun! I am constantly surprised by how often you churn out fantastic clothes, so I am astonished that you had a back log! Now go make 50 million more cute things and post about them all tomorrow for my viewing pleasure.

  3. Oh my goodness! You are soo talented! I am gonna try a few of your ideas hope thats okay! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jess, they are so cute, it makes me want to make some clothes for my kids. Like, right now! You always inspire me!

  5. You have yet again inspired me to bust out my sewing machine and make more cute things for my daughter:> I love your blog!

  6. These are all so adorable!!! Awesome job!

  7. Do you think the Leah top would work with knit fabrics? I have a ton of knits that I don’t know what to do with.

    Also I have a tiny 2 year old too! At 24 pounds and 31 inches tall, at least the clothes I sew for her last a while. πŸ™‚

  8. That shot of her leaning against the rocker with one foot propped on the other kills me–so sassy and adorable!

  9. Eeek! I’m so happy and excited to finally see that brown flower knit put to good use! I bought a bag of fabric at a yard sale (for $2!) last summer and that came with it. I never did have any idea what to do with it. Clearly it belonged in your hands all along. I really don’t think Charlotte could be any cuter. πŸ™‚

    And I love all the other clothes too! I laughed when I saw your title because that’s totally the kind of post I’m planning to do today too (uhh… after I take some pictures). Although mine won’t be full of quite so many things. And they’re not nearly as girly and adorable.

    Oooh, but I think I’m definitely going to have to try that little circle neckline. Too cute!

    Ok, all done with the longest comment ever.

  10. Seriously, Jess, you make THE CUTEST little girl clothes. I’m so excited for the sewalong. Thanks so much for doing all that you and for sharing the tutorials!

  11. Oh my gosh Jess – Everything is adorable! I’m going to try and do the Leah top sew along. I love it!

  12. Oh, they’re all so cute! I saw the first and thought, “This will be my favorite…” and then the rest were just as cute.

  13. Cute stuff! I especially love that little printed skirt…too cute!

  14. All the clothes are gorgeous…and I’m also giggling because I just made my girls very similar skirts that I posted today! I love it!

  15. Please come sew really cute things for my kids! All this stuff is darling!

  16. I am amazed at all you make! You are like a one woman sweatshop!

  17. You have been busy! I love everything!

  18. You HAVE been busy! I love the new wardrobe!!

  19. Love it! I just set up a sewing area and am sew excited!

    PS- I found some really cute websites for doing hair!
    check out my links page scroll towards the bottom. πŸ™‚

    Kelly K

  20. I keep getting sucked in by all your amazing projects with two shows coming up next week and a bare Etsy shop I need to put my sewing machine AWAY and get back to work!

  21. holy clothes!! when do you ever sleep girl???? I’m excited for the next sew along, I’ll definitely be joining in, definitely!!!!!

  22. What kind of fabric do you recommend for the Leah top? I’m somewhat of a newbie to clothes sewing (I can do aprons, bags and stuff, but never anything that had to really fit).

  23. Oh, how lovely, I can’t wait to take part in your sew-along.

  24. The clothes! The fabric! The buttons! So much inspiration in one post. I’ll be visiting again soon.

  25. Oh my oh my!!! So exciting!!! A team up with you and Kojo – I can’t wait to see what that is all about πŸ™‚

    This dress and skirt are adorable!

    I am very excited to see what is happening – yeah!

  26. Super Cute! Your girls are so cute! I love stopping by to see what fabulous thing you are sewing! You make me wish I was at home sewing now.

    Thanks for sharing!

  27. So. Cute. I love it all!! Your little girls are so adorable, I can’t get over charlotte and her chubster cheeks!

    Oh, and have you ever seen Jess over at Running with Scissors? (she’s my friend from highschool) You guys really need to be friends…I’m pretty sure you guys could conquer the crafty sewing world!!

  28. Holy cow you are incredible! I have a 2yo and a 10mo at home and I get to finish *maybe* one project a week if I’m lucky! …although I might accomplish more if I stopped stalking your blog and actually sat at my sewing machine πŸ™‚
    Now I’m all motivated to try your sew-a-long. Guess I better forage through my fabric stash!

  29. I’d like to know when you sleep, too, Jess. It’s amazing how productive you are. I love the new Sadie Shirt. My daughter is wearing hers today. And I love the fabric you used for Charlotte’s shirt. Too cute!

  30. You are amazing! The pictures of your little girl in skirts makes me want to be a little girl again. What fun times!

  31. I am totally a Sadie-groupie!! She is just so stinkin’ cute….and the picture with her feet crossed….cracked me up!! As always, your projects ROCK!!!

  32. Can’t wait to start sewing (with yo) the Leah Top – this is so sweet!

    greetings from Spain,

  33. I’m super-duper impressed with your work. Had to add your store to my faves. I’m a freelance clothing designer (mainly special occasion wear), but I can’t wait for my little girl to get a bit bigger so I can make special things for her! Your work is lovely! =)
    Kristina J.

  34. So many beautiful clothes! I can’t wait to sew along with you, thank you:)

  35. You must be a “friends” geek like me… your post title looks like a title of a friends episode like “the one where chandler can’t cry” or “the one where nana dies twice”,etc. LOVE IT – and of course love all the pretty outfits even more, you rock the sewing machine as always Jess!

  36. so stinking cute. this will be my first sew along (i’m new here). so excited! are ur two tops knits? and also, can i make a request. sadie wears the sweetest shoes too, the red ones, and now these sparklees. my daughter would luv them. will u please share with a post? or an email. [email protected]

  37. So cute!! I love them all!
    Quick question on the striped tee…how did you do the neckline? I can’t tell if it’s unfinished or hemmed under. I have a couple shirts I need to remake into shirts for my daughter, so I’ll be copying you! πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  38. ack, both of your girls are just so cute, I want to nomnomnom on them. Sadie is looking so grown up all of the sudden! Don’t you just love/hate it when they do that on you? One day you’re like… hey, excuse me, what are you doing here? I’m pretty sure I have a much younger child. It doesn’t help in my case that my kids are ridiculous. My four month old is trying to crawl, all up on her hands and knees. Ack. Noooo!

  39. I adore the clothes you make for your kids. It makes me want to go sewing crazy.

  40. holy moley i love the stuff you make!! i just happend on your blog – i don’t know how but i just adore what i’ve seen so far… i hope to join the sew along on monday and make a pretty Leah dress for my daughter and neices.

    you’ve made a foller out of me –

    BTW I’m sue, nice to meet you πŸ™‚

  41. Ooh, these are just darling! I adore your girls’ names too! Charlotte was my absolutely favorite girl name, but hubby liked Esther better. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for the Leah top tutorial!

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