we have a winner…

So, without further ado……the winner of the giveaway is… Baby Talks! Yay! Her guesses for the girl names were Rachel and Carrie….I’m going to make you all wait to find out our picks though! muwahaha I’m so mean. I will say that many of you guessed right! Although no one guessed both options. It was either or. lol! Hopefully this little girl will show up soon! (well at least, not late) I’m anxious to meet her!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! It was so nice to hear from all of you, and holy cow…that’s the most comments EVER that I’ve gotten! floored!

Anyways…so, you know how I mentioned that Sadie wasn’t napping? Well…that lasted all of last week, which tired and stressed out both of us! Friday, I was trying to rock her to sleep (the only thing that worked), and she kept waking up and crying when I would try and lean over the crib to lay her down. (belly gets a leeetle bit in the way these days!) So, I laid her down in her toddler bed and shoved her bean bag chair along the side. (we don’t have a bed thingy yet, since we weren’t planning on her moving so soon!)

She slept.

Mommy wept with joy.

Well, nearly. So ever since then she’s been napping in her toddler bed, and last night slept in it as well. No problems yet! I guess she just decided she’d had enough of the crib. lol. Hopefully she doesn’t figure out how to open doors soon. She can close them though. (yikes!)


  1. Oh, the joys of toddlers. My dolly has figured out doors, and escaped without us knowing last week. Scary stuff. I’m sure Sadie will love her new bed. She’s gonna be the big sis after all.

  2. Success! Hooray!!

  3. If she figures out how to open the door during naptimes and does it just to put off going to sleep, a simple hook-and-eye type lock/latch on the outside, at adult level, will keep it shut and is super-easy to open when its time. If the door doesn’t open, its not as interesting to mess around with and she’ll (probably) just go to sleep. Also, in an emergency, it wouldn’t exactly hold tight, so you don’t have to worry about that.

  4. It’s funny how toddlers just all of a sudden decide they are done with something and on to something new. My 3 year old has had a toddler bed sitting in our garage for almost a year now, when we first bought it and put it in her room she hated it. Then suddenly about two weeks ago she started telling me that she wouldnt sleep in her crib anymore! Completely out of the blue, no warning!

    P.s There are these wonderful plastic door knob covers that easily pop on and prevent little ones from opening doors and allow parent to still open them. Most superstores carry them. They are a life saver.

  5. That’s so great that she is sleeping good in her toddler bed. I hate when they go on a nap strike. Little stinkers. And it will be great to have her used to a toddler bed before your new one gets here.

    ps- I’m so bummed that you aren’t telling us the name yet!

  6. Yay! Thanks so much for picking me! I’m so excited! I’ll send you my info. 🙂 Happy Monday to you too!!

  7. darn, i missed the giveaway. i was out of town and didn’t have internet access on the weekend…boo!

    i hear you on the toddler nap issue. my little bit is skipping out on naps lately too. she is 2.5 and still in crib. have thought about switching to toddler bed but have mixed emotions. keep us posted on how sadie continues to do with it!

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