Quick change

So…Saturday after my morning shower I mentioned off-hand to Rory,”we should take down that stupid sliding shower door sometime”. It would make giving Sadie a bath in there so much nicer. It’s very awkward now, what with my elbow in the toilet and my knee on the plunger. Not so sanitary either. We had talked about it before…but never acted on it.

Half an hour later we were on our way to Lowe’s to pick up some supplies for the yard (post coming up), and a new shower rod. Is my husband awesome or what?! Before I was even done cutting up fruit for the tea party, he had ripped down the door and was scrubbing away, cleaning and peeling off the old silicone stuff.

hard at work…what a guy!

Here is the before picture from our walk through last year.

…and the after! Nothing else is done, so don’t judge my style (or towel folding habits) on this picture, haha. The shower curtain opens it up SOO much and I love how much bigger it feels, inside the shower and outside of it. Our tub is in great shape, and someday we’re going to retile it with some subway tile and paint and put new floors in….someday. Here is where I posted some of my ideas a few months back.


  1. Rory is very handy… can he come to my house and put an elevator in? I get tired of lugging the baby and the junk up the stairs! 🙂

  2. What a good husband you have!
    Your bathroom does look better without the door.

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