my little pony Applejack costume

Hooray! With only days to spare I finally made Charlotte’s Halloween costume. Slacker much? I only say that because I made Sadie’s a whole like….2 months ago. I’ve told you before I don’t like making most things twice, right? Anyways…I finally buckled down and love how it turned out…so does Miss C, which is what really matters right?! She kept saying, “Mom! Cute! Cute! Apple-gack!”….which was of course freaking adorable.

This was pretty much the only picture of the hood and hat on…it’s quite heavy with the hat pinned to the hood, so I have a feeling it will be hanging down most of the time. Which is fine, it looks cute that way, too.

Apples! and a cute pony-tail! She’s supposed to have a ribbon/ ponytail in her mane, too, but I forgot to make it long and can you blame me for not wanting to rip it open to redo it? lol. Sadie made sure to point that out to me though. If that show ever needs a continuity specialist….my Sadie is your gal!

I made the costume the same way I did Sadie’s Rainbow Dash costume, leaving off the wings of course. Cutie mark, pants, tail,ย  etc…everything else made using that tute! I added a little ribbon pull to the front because it was a bit boring and needed a little color!

Oh and I made a hat! Basically fleece held together with hot glue and a prayer….and some of that plastic mesh stuff. No tute for that because…well like I said, it’s not made very well…lol! Just for looks. It looks just like the real Applejack’s though, right? Minus the hot glue streaks.

I didn’t manage to get any pics of the two of them that weren’t blurry as heck. They were having quite the good time ponying around! (har har)

Woohoo! Time to kick my legs up! Halloween costumes are done!


  1. Adorable!!! Both costumes are so awesome!!

  2. Great job mom! My favorite costume for one of my girls YEARS ago? A clown outfit made with jumbo rick rack, felt, red yarn, and hot glue! I made a vest (two holes cut for arms!)and covered the fold over area on the back to make the neck fit her neck, with a lapel covered in rick rack, a hat with red yarn hair glued in and a big flower on it, and glued big buttons down the front! I hate to use a pattern (her sister got the leopard pattern that year–ugh!) and paired with a bright knit Carter’s pants and shirt–TADA!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, your post made my morning! I giggled all the way through. I can’t remember ever feeling as giddy as she looks. Good job, Mom!!

  4. Totally cute! My kids would love this. My son is 6 and even likes my little pony. Just don’t call him out on it ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. That hat is perfect Jess. You make me want girls.

  6. Love it! Your girls are going to be the cutest trick-or-treaters in your area.

  7. Too cute!!! I love both of these costumes. Great job.

  8. Great heavens, Jess! This is adorable. I hope you’re doing well.

  9. Those cheeks combined with that costume add up to a whole lot of cuteness!

  10. So cute! I’ve used your tutorial to make my 3 yr old a Pinkie Pie costume…it’s adorable! I used fabric for the hair (two pieces sewn wrong side together, thurned our and topstitched) which looks just like the cartoon. It is heavy though and I’m thinking of some way to help hold her hood up…elastic in the front or something? I have a Princess Celestia in the works for my 5 yr old…she picked the hardest one! Wings, unicorn horn, necklace and bracelets and crown and 4 colours of hair (this hair would have been easier in yarn), but I do like the look of fabric. Thanks for the excellent tute!

  11. SO cute, Jess. Love that Sadie is the My Little Pony Police. Em would do the same thing. And hey, I’m making a fleece animal costume with a yarn tail too! Whaddya know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. You are seriously just amazing Jess! I am so very impressed, as always, with you. Your costumes are just over the top fabulous. Lucky little girls!

  13. Super cute! I used your tute to make my daughter a Flutter-shy costume…she loves it!

  14. Omg how cute is this <3 . I really love it

  15. Do you have a pattern template for the hat?

  16. That is such a cute costume!!! Great job!

  17. I’ve mentioned my love (and my sister’s distain) for Applejack before, so I won’t go into again ๐Ÿ™‚ but I will say I *love* the costume! So adorable! The little apples kill me.

  18. #yolo

  19. che carino sei bravissima complimenti lili un bacio vado inscrivermi con molto piacere un bacio dal italia lili


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