Happy Halloween from a bunch of ponies!

 (Sorry about the iphone pics….well not really that sorry but I didn’t want to lug out my DSLR so…moving on.)

Happy Halloween from a bunch of ponies! Rainbow Dash and Applejack to be more specific. We had our church trunk or treat party last Saturday so the girls got to wear their costumes-they loved it! Surprisingly a lot of people knew who they were ( I should have known the parents of little girls would, but an 11 year old brother of a little girl knew their names, lol! so cute)

I made some quick trick or treat bags out of the leftovers from their costumes-and I’m so glad I did! They turned out really cute, and what else would I have used that fleece for anyways? I am also glad I made some cutie marks for the bags, the girls went bananas for that! (and bananas is good)

 They are basically large rectangles folded in half with the sides sewn together and top hemmed over. Then I serged two strips together for each handle, and sewed each end to the inside of the bag. Easy and pretty quick too!

Charlotte never escapes without a Sadie hug, whether she likes it or not.


I made some cupcakes for the cupcake walk at the party and piped some pumpkin-esque frosting on top. Quick and cute.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!


  1. 2 gorgeous little ponies indeed! I adore those cupcakes too, I so want to try this 🙂
    Have a Happy Halloween!
    Katie xx

  2. Adorable! My kids are super-impressed, and now my 3-year-old is asking for a “cutie-mark bag”! (Thanks a lot! 😉

  3. Those ate such amazing costumes… and with matching bags? Girl, you rock!

  4. The girls’ costumes turned out awesome and you got some good pics of the two of them. (That takes talent, too!) And I have the cupcakes pinned. I love a cute and easy food decorating idea!

  5. Such cute girls. Charlotte looks so good in that color.

  6. Confession: My girls hadn’t ever seen My Little Pony before you posted your girls’ Halloween costumes, and now they are hungrily watching any episode they can on YouTube. And more embarassingly, I am totally laughing along with them as we watch. Hee hee hee!

  7. Very cute costumes and i like that you made a bag that mstches with thier outfit. Happy Halloween!

  8. And such cute ponies they are! You did a fantastic job on those costumes!

  9. And such cute ponies they are! You did a fantastic job on those costumes!

  10. Oh wow they’re adorable!! I used your tutorial to make my daughter a Pinkie Pie costume and it was wonderful!! She wouldn’t stay still long enough to get many good pictures, she was so thrilled to have a tail! I still can’t get over how productive you are while being pregnant!

  11. There is a movement of guys who love the My Little Pony show. They are called Bronies. Look them up, it may explain why that kid knew who they were. Cute costumes, too!

  12. Oh man, the Apple Jack costume is perfect! So fun! I used your tutorial to sew my daughter a Twilight Sparkle costume, and then I tweaked it a bit to make my son a Spike costume! They turned out SO cute. Thanks for the awesome idea.

    Here are my versions of your tutorial:

  13. So cute! and looks so delish! can’t wait to come home for christmas!!

  14. Sadie’s hugs are so adorable! Even though I’m sure Charlotte is less than thrilled 😀
    My daughter was Rainbow Dash too, and only 3 people knew who she was – a 6 yr old girl, a 20 something guy, and a man in his 60’s. Only the 20 yr old guy knew that her baby brother was dressed as Spike! Go figure. I guess the Mom’s in my area don’t watch cartoons ;D

  15. Love the bags! What a neat idea to use the leftover fabric.

  16. Absolutely adorable! You did such a great job on thier costumes.

  17. The girls look so adorable in those costumes!!

  18. By the way the cupcakes were awesomely wonderful.

  19. Ack, how cute are they?! My little one has recently been introduced to the joy that is My Little Pony, and she is obsessed.

  20. hey that`s great idea!!! my kids love pony…

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