KCW: sweet polka dot baby bonnet

ย sweet  polka dot baby bonnet

The second I saw my pal Kristin pin this sweet bonnet from Purl Soho-I knew it was next on my hit sew list.

I printed the free pattern off then and there and then, waited for the energy. (I’ve been battling a cold/bad sore throat for about a week…bleg!)

Finally…I got some energy (thanks to a friend dropping off a mango smoothie! yah!)…..and off I went! Luckily it’s a quick sew.

sweet  polka dot baby bonnet

I had used some of my precious (use your gollum voice please) Nani Iro for another dress that I’ll show you soon, but I had juust enough to eek out this bonnet.

A’s cheeks peeking out just slay me. So adorable.

sweet  polka dot baby bonnet

It’s super soft on her baby noggin.I made the 18-24 mo size which fit her great with room to grow!

sweet  polka dot baby bonnet

I lined it in some organic cotton. Even more baby-friendly! bam!

sweet  polka dot baby bonnet

ย  I didn’t have any interfacing that was right, so I used some fusible fleece for the visor, which I think worked out alright.

sweet  polka dot baby bonnet

Unfortunately, after the fruit snacks were all gone, Ava was not a fan. Hmmm….

sweet  polka dot baby bonnet

Instead of the pleat they recommend in the tute, I sewed on a short piece of elastic to the back part, pulling it as I sewed so that it gathered it in some. Worked like a charm!

Now: to work on getting A to wear this thing…

sweet  polka dot baby bonnet


  1. oh how adorable! I love it think I will make one! thanks for sharing.

  2. Haha, oh, this reminds me of my little girl (just turned one)… I would love to sew a bonnet like this for her, but I can just imagine the fight we’d have trying to keep it on her!! It is so very cute, though! Love your fabric choices ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I saw this on Pinterest too and immediately pinned it too- love it! Any chance you could expand on the change you made with the elastic? Size of elastic, is it sewn right into the inside of the lining, etc? My first baby is due in 9 days and I would love to make this for her. Thank you!

  4. It is precious! Now I want to make one for my daughter too, but I know I will have the same trouble getting her to keep it on!!

  5. Those little cheeks in that sweet bonnet are so adorable! =)

  6. This made me chuckle – my youngest, Persephone, is basically the same age as Ava. And there is NO WAY she would tolerate wearing a hat for longer than about 5 seconds. She likes to pick hats up, saying, “A-dah-dah-dah!” encouragingly to me, then admiring herself, saying ” ‘at!”. Then she rips the hat off and throws it to the floor. And that is that.

  7. Oh so cute! that little Ava and her pretty blue eyes. and actually even though i spent that weekend at your house, i don’t think i ever saw her cry! the bonnet is so adorable and Easter-y on her, glad i could help with the pin. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • she’s making up for her sweet baby ways now. Both Rory and I agree she’s well into her terrible two’s or reign of terror as we like to call it. She is FEISTY! lol

  8. I stalk your page all the time and never comment but I have to on this post. This is so cute!! I am currently doing my 2.5 year olds daughters Easter outfit and working on her bonnet. Love that someone else loves the bonnet look. Great minds think alike <3<3

  9. Love the Gollum voice for Nani Iro fabric! Ha!
    I have a couple of hats in probably exactly that size that never got worn for longer than treats and a photoshoot too. It is supercute though and she does have the cheeks to pull it off!

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