new pillow covers (and a cute face)

You saw my other attempt at bringing color into my living is phase 2 of the pillow cover take-over. Rory's reaction (and I quote) "That's a big flower."My Dad's reaction (also quoting verbatim) "That's a big flower."Agh. Men. They just don't understand how cute giant flowers can be! Am I right, ladies? (of course I am) I have had … [Read more...]

circle quilt square tutorial

I know the holidays are still months away, but I couldn't help getting started on my big project this year-a Christmas quilt! You may have seen some of the fabric I got for it here, and I also added in some other prints from my stash, Etsy, and Joann's. (stash-red polka dots, Joann's red snowflakes, etsy-reindeers) I decided to go for a circle … [Read more...]

embellished cardigan tutorial

  Another project made so much easier with my Go! Baby cutter. Love this thing, seriously. This project couldn't have been simpler, too. I thrifted this really nice silk cardigan and shell awhile ago. I am not really the "shell" wearing type, so I knew I would cut it up to become ruffles or embellishments for the cardi. Then, of course, I … [Read more...]

Go! Baby AccuQuilt cutter giveaway

****This giveaway is now closed****See the winner below! So you've probably seen some of the cool things this little cutter can do, right? You've seen my quick flower onesies... ...and even quicker hair clips.... ...and my little ladybug softie. Also, for the love of all that's crafty, please check out what … [Read more...]

Little Ladybug Softie tutorial

I made this wee little Ladybug softie for Sadie Charlotte whoever got it first yesterday! Of course, I whipped out my Go! Baby cutter (affiliate link) to cut the sah-weet (and so easy!) circles for the project. I don't know about you, but no matter how hard I try to hand-cut out circles perfectly, it never is meant to be.  There's always a … [Read more...]

my new baby…

lol, just to be clear, I am SO not pregnant, but did I getcha? Even a little bit? nope? oh well. That's what I get for pulling such a lame "joke".  Anywho, I was referring to my new GO! Baby cutter that the nice folks at AccuQuilt sent me! I admit, I was a little intimidated by the box when it arrived, thinking it would be hard to figure out...but … [Read more...]