a hat and an ornament (christmas gifts)

You saw the other part of my handmade gift for my sister and her hubby this year already…but hello. I had to make them more than one! I don’t run a crafty blog for nuthin’…..I LIVE for this stuff. The hat was actually kind of an accidental gift. My father in law had requested one after he saw this book (that I have a project in!) around the house. So I made him this one but it was the wrong size…went one size up and that worked out! 
So I had this hat sitting around and I sent a pic to my sis and she was like “give it to me.” and I was like “ok”. We have scintillating conversations, you see.
Yes, I told her this cheesy pic was going on the blog. Yes, she didn’t care. Love you Jobo!
It of course, was a little macho, so I made a quick ric rac flower using my tutorial, glued a pin to the back and called it girly. Sadie picked out the button, which was a stroke of genius on her part. She was very proud of herself when I liked it so much! 😀
I almost wanted to keep it. (I didn’t)
For her 49ers loving hubby, I decided to make a little felt ornament for their tree next year. Basically I printed off the logo at the size I wanted, then traced all the separate parts to freezer paper (backwards!), ironed them to my wool felt, cut them out, and layered them all together. Stitched the large ovals, but glued the letters with hot glue. It ended up pretty cool looking I think!
Sadly that was all the ornament crafting I did last year. I had high hopes, but not enough time. Maybe this year I’ll get going in like, September.


  1. To be fair you did craft a whole new person…..:)

  2. The ornament is awesome. My hubby loves SanFran, so this is a perfect thing to pin, and save for next year! Thank you!+

  3. September? I’ve decided if I’m going to get any Christmas crafting done this year, I’ll have to start NOW. haha 🙂

  4. That is a great hat! Sadie picks a good button. =) What did you use inside the brim?

  5. The hat is fabulous! I’m imagining a toddler version.

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