CRE8TIME to craft-free printable and custom washi tape drawers

I’m so excited to share another fun push to get creative from Michaels stores! It’s called CRE8TIME, and it’s geared towards making time in our lives to be creative! I’ll be honest, I don’t have to try very hard to craft or sew each day (which is what Michaels is challenging you to do-at least 8 hours a month)…it’s basically just a part of my day, and myself, inherently. On the rare days I don’t have time to be creative, I do feel the effects though. This might sound dramatic but I have a feeling you understand: creating is a part of my soul, and I HAVE to do it. Hence the title of my blog. It’s just not optional. Creating calms me, is a stress reliever (most of the time, haha!), and is probably the main quality that people remember about me. (Oh, that Jessica? She’s crafty….and short. And wow-ee she can beatbox like no other…..;) 

So when Michaels challenged me to find time each day to craft-I knew right away what I was going to work on….my craft room! It’s been a bit of a disaster lately. Lots of projects going on, but not a lot of cleaning. I knew it needed some serious purging and organization. (and of course some new decorations!) So off  I went to Michaels again…oh darn. 😉 I love that place! I found so much inspiration and options for organizing!

I also got a few of those organizational cubes that are meant for scrap-booking I think…but they are plenty big for notions, glitter, and metal doodads. See below.

My washi tape collection (largely enabled by Michaels clearance section) is up top in some glass jars. (more about the vintage sewing machine in another post) Speaking of washi tape, I customized these clear drawer fronts with some of my favorite tapes! Just stuck on before I screwed the clear part on. Easy! also hides the mess inside. 😉


  1. Thank you for sharing the printable!! I love what you did with the washi tape on those drawers 🙂

  2. Cute! Great idea with the drawers!

  3. Cute dresser! I love the colors and patterns of tape that you put together. What you said about creating reminded me of this talk by President Uchtdorf- so inspiring!

  4. Cute printable, cute drawers, you’re inspiring me to get organized (someday)! 😉

  5. Love those washi tape drawers. Very cute. =)

  6. Super cute!! P.S. love the new look!!

  7. Great Printable! I’m currently (and oh so slowly) trying to organize my craft materials. You can never (in my opinion) have too much washi tape!

  8. Oh Michael’s clearance section, how you hold me heart…between tape and ribbon <3

  9. Thanks so much for the free printable! I love your washi tape jars and the clever way you used tape to decorate the drawers!!


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