Rainbow Dash costume-the hoodie

Today I'll show ya  (or try reeally hard to show ya) how to make the Rainbow Dash hoodie! Most of this came together well, except the hood was a little small for the neck part. I fixed that with a little pleat in front and it looks fine to me. Well, fine for a costume, ya know? ;) We'll take ears, mane...  ...and wings of course!See below for the … [Read more...]

Rainbow Dash costume-the pants

Hey there My Little Pony fans! I decided to split up the costume tutorial into two parts: today I'll show you how I made the pants, and tomorrow, the hoodie. There were just too many pictures for one post...you may say that about this one too, but I like to show lots of detail with steps-so sue me! (no, please don't... ;)See below for the … [Read more...]

Rainbow Dash costume

 Sadie is flat out obsessed with the My Little Pony show-she has all the characters in toy form (and some doubles), sleeps with them at night, acts out the plots of various episodes....and her favorite pony has always been Rainbow Dash. No wonder, I mean...she can fly and her mane and tail are the colors of the rainbow! So when I asked her what she … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween from a bunch of geeks!

Star Wars geeks, that is. Well, our family costume theme started when a friend lent me an Ewok costume, then it all kind of came together in the last week. Sadie LOVED being Princess Leia, and everyone seemed to recognize her easily, which she liked. We had our church trunk or treat (handing out candy from the back of cars in the parking lot, safe … [Read more...]

Princess Leia costume+belt tutorial

We (and my "we" I mean Sadie) have been all over the place when it comes to deciding on a costume! First it was a butterfly, then pirates...which I just couldn't get excited about. Last week a friend loaned me an Ewok costume for Charlotte, and with A LOT of convincing, we got Sadie on board with being Princess Leia. I think the Princess part of … [Read more...]

costume sneak peek

  Can you guess Sadie's costume? (don't mind the wobbly stitches, lol!)  I'll be posting more tomorrow! (with a little tutorial) How's your costume making going? Or if you're not making them, what are you going as? … [Read more...]

happy halloween from under the sea

Introducing: The Little Mermaid cast Sadie as Ariel, of course. The wig only lasted about an hour-but I was shocked it lasted that long! Rory as King Triton.. He looked fantastic! Very recognizable, (and handsome) I thought. He didn't like eating his wig half the time, but anyways...his was probably my favorite. Charlotte was … [Read more...]

trick or treat bag tutorial

Need a trick or treat bag to match your child's costume? I whipped this one out in no time-it's easy, cheap (I spent about $2 on supplies), and you can easily customize it to your child's costume! I made mine look like Flounder from the Little Mermaid movie, since Sadie is going to be Ariel. Now that I think about it, it kind of looks like I … [Read more...]

howdy-er-happy halloween!

here's my happy little cow. ok, well, she's a cow. not so much happy in this picture.you should've seen her later at our ward's trunk or treat, walking everywhere with a pixie stick hanging out of her mouth. she was in heaven! sadly, i did not make any part of our costumes, but the cow costume was a dollar, so how could i say no to that?! rory and … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! We met at my parents house for a supper of Bat Wings and cornbread. YUM. Then, after a LONG wait for SOMEBODY who hadn't picked out a costume yet (JOANNA), we took off and went trick or treating at a few houses. Not too many cause Sadie was already tired and past her bedtime. Aww. the infamous Hershey's Kiss costume! Isn't she … [Read more...]