Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! We met at my parents house for a supper of Bat Wings and cornbread. YUM. Then, after a LONG wait for SOMEBODY who hadn’t picked out a costume yet (JOANNA), we took off and went trick or treating at a few houses. Not too many cause Sadie was already tired and past her bedtime.

Aww. the infamous Hershey’s Kiss costume! Isn’t she sweet?! hehe

My little candy family! Bubble gum and Reeses’s sandwich with a kiss center!

A whole menagerie of awesome costumes: L-R:
Sadie: unhappy Hershey’s Kiss
Jessica: so-so happy Bubble Gum
Julia: Goldilocks (she even had three bears in her basket!)
Mom: Lampshade. Don’t ask. (I didn’t)
Joshie: scary Mummy
Jake: skunk. Nuf said.
Janae: future girl! sparkly girl! space girl! Whatever!
Dad: community organizer and Prop 8 supporter (woot!)
Jarom: Michael Phelps and all his gold medals (awesome eh?)
Joanna: 80’s prom queen (her costume was thrown together in literally 15 minutes)


  1. I LOVE it!!! I wish so bad i could have been there! You all looked so great! Sadie was the cutest ever! Cute little family! i loved it!!!

  2. Such great costumes! I love your candy theme! Looks like a ton of fun! And Sadie is the cutest Hersheys Kiss ever!!

  3. So did you end up making Sadie’s costume? It is darling. Your family theme of candy is awesome. Looks like yall had a fun evening.

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