costume sneak peek

Can you guess Sadie’s costume? (don’t mind the wobbly stitches, lol!) 
I’ll be posting more tomorrow! (with a little tutorial)
How’s your costume making going? Or if you’re not making them, what are you going as?


  1. The first thing that comes to my mind is Princess Leia. Just a guess. Me and my clan are going as the Mystery Inc. Gang (aka Scooby Doo Gang). btw I LOVE everything you do on here…. thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas

  2. I had the same thought as Heather!

  3. It looks liek Princess Leia to me.

  4. Yup, I guessed Princess Leia as well.

  5. I was thinking the white Power Ranger…but do kids even know Power Rangers anymore?

  6. Princess Leia complete with sock buns. 🙂

  7. My first thought was She-Ra but she might be a little young for that so I’ll go with girl knight.

  8. Totally princess leia. Can’t wait to see the buns–lol!

    I made my kids Rapunzel and Flynn Rider costumes and they turned out awesome! I even made Rapunzel a long braid out of yarn.

    Excited for more of your pictures.

  9. I’m thinking something medival?

    I just took in my daughter’s costume and it came out ok. It was the first garment I ever altered!

  10. Leia? I’m making little red riding hood. The cute kid version, not the sexy, bad movie version.

  11. Not sure what the costume is, but Im sure it is something totally creative, and you will surprise us all. I made my son a ghost costume. Turned out pretty good considering I haven’t sewn anything in years and couldn’t remember any of the sewing vocabulary on the pattern.

  12. I’m impressed with the Leia guesses. My first thought was Batgirl. Or perhaps Catwoman (what? The movie comes out next year).

    My Big Little (7) and Medium Little (5) were a Ninja Prince and Princess, complete with ninja gear backpacks. My Little Little (1) is going to be Max from Where the Wild Things are, using a pattern I love online.

  13. I also thought princess Leia but I’m going to laugh if we’re all wrong! ha ha Excited to see!


  14. Princess Leia makes sense, duh! But my first thought was some kind of Greek goddess. But what kid wants to be a greek goddess? lol

  15. Not sewing costumes this year because we wanted to keep it simple (will be in DL for Halloween!) So the kids are going as the Avengers. Both boys are Captian America (they were fighting over it, so we ended up with two), and one daughter is Thor, and one is Iron Man. Lol!

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