Our miracle kitty

So yesterday was a pretty crazy day, and this is going to be kind of a serious post. As I mentioned before, Ally, our cat, has been having a hard time since we brought the baby home a week ago. She’s been moping around and very lethargic. Her eating habits have gone downhill as well, until yesterday when she didn’t eat anything at all. We thought she was depressed. We tried everything to get her to eat, but she was having a hard time moving around and breathing also. She was not looking good at all, so we took her in to a emergency vet clinic in San Jose. The vet told us the diagnosis. He was pretty sure she had a type of anemia that was dormant, but brought out by stress. A baby and move in the same month were pretty stressful for her. We didn’t have many options. She was very close to dying when we brought her in. VERY close. We could give her a  blood transfusion, but that would have cost us a lot, and we just don’t have the money. It was either that or put her to sleep. At this point we were both pretty upset and I was bawling. Then the vet came out and told us about another option. He had some expired dog blood that they were going to throw out soon, and he said you can do a species to species transfusion but only once. It would buy her some time so that he could figure out what was wrong with her. This option was less expensive, since the vet was trying to help us out and the blood was almost useless anyways. It would either cause her to pass away quickly, or work. We agreed to this plan since it was our last shot at saving Ally. They brought her in and we said goodbye. That was very hard to do. They said they should know more within a few hours, so we headed back down to Gilroy, not hopeful at all. We pretty much had said our goodbyes and did not expect her to survive. We got a call from the vet at around 6 and he said that the blood transfusion had worked! She had taken the dog’s blood, and was doing a lot better. We headed back up to pick her up. The vet said that he had not seen it done and work in 11 years. He was pretty surprised and gave us his email address so we could let him know how she did. They gave us some medicine to treat her illness, and told us he thinks she has a pretty good shot. We brought her home, and she set up camp in our linen closet. She’s been eating and drinking well, and looks so much more alert and healthy. Hopefully she continues to improve and thrive. It was a pretty intense day. We’re just glad she survived and is back home with us! And now we can say our cat is part dog! 🙂


  1. Crazy! I’m glad she is doing better, you don’t need anything else right now. XOXO for Ally!

  2. How stressful for you! I am so glad to hear she is back home and doing better. If you see Ally start to dig holes you know the dog in her is coming out.

  3. My heart goes out to you and Ally. I really hope she pulls through. She is lucky to have you.

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  5. Have you read the 4th Twilight book? You should rename Ally Bella or something. Crazy. Anyway hope you are all well. Glad you still have her. <3 Mags

  6. Oh, so sad! I’m glad Ally is doing better now and I hope she continues to get better! Hugs!

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