We finally got a kitty! We’ve wanted one ever since we’ve been married, but everywhere we’ve lived so far hasn’t really allowed pets. So…we were meeting some friends for lunch, and we were a little early, and decided to look at the cute animals at the Petco store. Well, the rest is history. A few hours later, we were the proud parents of Ally, a diluted tortoiseshell kitten, some cat toys, a Petco customer card, and a lot of cat food. It’s been great! We love having her around, she is so cute and learns quickly. She likes to hide under our bed…well, under ANYTHING actually. It’s cute, until we can’t find her and literally have to turn the house upside down. She just LOVES the space and likes to roam around meowing her head off. Stay tuned for more Ally antics!


  1. See aren’t you glad morgen can’t be on time to save his life?

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