bright and happy shared girls room


I can’t wait to share the girls new shared room with you!

It’s going to be a long post, so buckle in and get ready for a lot of pics and links! (some affiliate links too thanks! 🙂

So obviously baby boy needed his own nursery. (although Sadie badly wanted to share with him…I think she would have backed out of that within a few weeks of nightly feedings lol)

I talked previously about the great room switcharoo, which happened around Christmas time, but only now have the final touches taken place and I finally got the room cleaned up enough for pics!

I down sized my sewing room from the largest room (see it here), to the old nursery.

Then we finished the (new) girls room, including changing the sliding glass door to a sparkling new window, paint (Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee), and new baseboards.

Then, finally, the boy nursery (Sadie and Charlottes old shared room) was completed. (almost simultaneously ha!) more on his room soon!

bright and happy shared girls room

First look into the room! I cannot for the life of me find where I purchased this teal polka dot sign, but here’s one in muslin.

I love it and the girls think it’s hilarious.

bright and happy shared girls room

I’ll link in more detail to what’s in this photo, but just wanted to mention the rug here-I got it at Rugs USA (in baby pink, 5’x8′ size) which is where I get all my rugs these days…the sales are insanely good and shipping is usually pretty quick! the quality has been great on all the rugs I’ve gotten there. Which is….4 or 5 now I think. 🙂

Also the girls low loft bunk bed is from Amazon.

bright and happy shared girls room

bright and happy shared girls room

There’s a little tiny nook right by the door which is perfect for some sweater/hat storage hooks and of course, initials! Always love those.

Hook rack is from Amazon (similar), C & A are vintage, and the S is from Land of Nod (and spray painted black)

bright and happy shared girls room

bright and happy shared girls room

I definitely wanted to use Ava’s chicken wire photo display board, so I tucked it into this corner and now the girls have a fun spot to hang photos, cards, or pictures. The Ladies sign was from Zulily. I bought some cute gold clips for hanging!

bright and happy shared girls room

And around this corner is a tiny little spot for art, and the closet. exciting stuff I know, closets.

bright and happy shared girls room

I spray painted this frame gold and made a quick little quote art in Illustrator. My talented sis embroidered the beautiful floral hoop above!

bright and happy shared girls room

Then around to the bed! another little nook got filled in with this fab wire basket from target (with the blue handles), and it’s where all their softies live! I thrifted the gold frame above it and filled it with some art from GroopDealz.

bright and happy shared girls room

You can see more of their quilts in these posts.

Charlotte’s quilt….Sadie’s quilt.

The cute white shams are quilted too and from Amazon.

cat pillow post here!

bright and happy shared girls room

I saw this adorable sign on Etsy (not for sale anymore it looks like) and quickly made my it!

bright and happy shared girls roomThe book slings (in small & pink) are from Land of Nod, and gold polka dot pillow on Sadie’s bed is from Amazon. they love having a little spot to keep special papers or books away from their kraken Ava.

bright and happy shared girls room

In between the window and bed is their bookshelf…chock full of books, and there are even more in the closet, lol! we love us some books.

The pink frame is from Home Goods, and the little teal one is from Michaels.

The little white kraken on top of the BabyLit books is from Zulily.

bright and happy shared girls room

Clock is from Hobby Lobby! I loove the mint color and it helps me keep the girls on track when getting ready for school.

bright and happy shared girls room

The cute blue sign I got for a review AGES ago and the shop doesn’t exist anymore. I still love it! The little owl piggy bank is from HomeGoods…floral frame from Target a few years ago I think..? The yellow I know my Savior Lives art was a gift from my good bloggy pal Emilie, and the little gold mercury glass vase was from Target too I think.

bright and happy shared girls room

You can see our Little Golden book collection is pretty heavy, lol! We have over 200 now I think!

bright and happy shared girls room

The room needed something in this space under the window, so I found this fun green Ottoman for a little reading/seating/storage.

bright and happy shared girls room

We keep the girls extra blankets and quilts inside!

bright and happy shared girls room

Over to Ava’s little corner! (which is my fave corner coincidentally)

Her little toddler bed is from Amazon…mint pillowcase from Target, and the butterfly sequin pillow is from HomeGoods. More about her quilt here.

bright and happy shared girls room

I adore these black and white pom pom trimmed curtains…I knew I wanted bright and pastels, but mixed with graphic black and white for the room…so these were the ticket.

bright and happy shared girls room

bright and happy shared girls room

I have had my eye on these Bright Lab Lights for the girls room and finally just ordered them! The quality is great and it makes a great nightlight. Plus they are GORGEOUS during the day.

They were easy to put together too! I did have a little mix up with my order and they didn’t let me know it had been cancelled due to some out of stock colors, but they gave me a discount to make up for that and shipped fairly quickly after that. Just FYI!

bright and happy shared girls room

bright and happy shared girls room

Now let’s swing on over to the dresser! Almost done!

The dresser itself is from Ikea, we got it a loong time ago for Sadie and Charlotte to share but I never posted their own shared room. I painted it this teal color and added white knobs from Hobby Lobby.

bright and happy shared girls room

I loved personalizing their room with this art collage over their dresser!

The little gold framed embroidery was done by my great grandmother, I believe..maybe great great grandmother? My Grandma gave it to me and it’s such a treasure! The LA LA Love you print was from a shop on Etsy that is no longer open..the metal kraken is from Hobby Lobby (spray painted yellow), Totoro print from Etsy, and main floral krewel piece is vintage, from Etsy.

Lamp was target a few years back, the little unicorn is a nightlight…from Zulily.

bright and happy shared girls room

On the other side of the main piece is this adorable Sister make the Best of Friends gold foil print, a little heart print I created and hung up with a gold clip…this fun Princess Leia line drawing, a Degas ballerina postcard, and a vintage silhouette of a woman…also from my Grandma’s collection!

The little pink flower/vase is from Target, yellow flower and vase & round frame (spray painted gold) are from Home Goods.

bright and happy shared girls room

Whew! Just about done!

bright and happy shared girls room

A quick peek into the closet! Since I’m nosy and like seeing how people organize, I like to share that with you all too! We moved Ava’s nursery dresser into the closet since she still needed to use it. On top of it is Sadie’s jewelry box, her kendama, a bucket with all their socks missing a mate…and a plastic bin with a bunch of early reader books in it. On the right hand side we store all of our wrapping paper and bags. It’s just where it fits in our house, lol! On the first shelf is an Elsa nightlight because you know Frozen had to make it’s way into this room somehow, right? Also a bin of Barbies, small toys, and another of Sadie’s chapter books that we’re saving for Charlotte and Ava now. The top shelf has Ballet clothes, larger sizes & summer size clothes, and a bin of shoes.

bright and happy shared girls room

On the other side is their hamper, and a row of storage for toys they can reach…ie My Little Ponies, Shopkins, American Girl Doll, and Princess toys…above that is all their dresses! yikez! still surprised we fit them all! On the top shelf are sheets in different sizes. It’s nice to have the closet all organized and everything to have a place, even if it’s not always put away!

Well, you finished the post! ALL DONE WOO HOO! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Debbie C. says

    I love it! Everything is so neat and sweet! My two boys share a room (that I just cleaned and rearranged yesterday) and you have given me lots of décor and storage inspiration! Thank you for this post! 🙂

  2. Laura J. says

    So darling! I love it all! Will be copying much!

  3. look at all those dresses! Beautiful room. Love it. I have three boys. So. Can’t use sequined butterfly pillows, but I love seeing what you’ve done.

  4. This room looks so adorable! Nice job!

  5. Beautiful space!

  6. I love it! You did a great job! It is hard to fit multiple kids into a room neatly and keep everything organized. Making it pretty like this is super difficult and you did a fabulous job!!!

  7. Looks so awesome! And clean and organized! Can’t wait to see the Peter Pan nursery! And congrats on the new baby 🙂 can’t wait to see what boy things you make!

  8. This room is adorable! Perfect for those sweet girls!

  9. Patrícia Alexandra says

    Fantastic!!! Love love

  10. That is so cute! I love those Bright Lab lights. My favorite part of this room is the art collage over the dresser… especially the stitched bits!

  11. Wowie! You did a gorgeous job on their room! So pretty, bright, and fun! 🙂

  12. I have that same Alice in Wonderland book that is above the bunks, saved from my childhood. So sweet!!

  13. So on the loft bed did you just throw and extra matress on the floor to make it a bunk??… im trying to get my girls and the crib set up in the same room

  14. Are both mattresses 6″ bunk bed mattress?? Thanks!

  15. I love the bunk bed! Where did you find it or did you build it?

  16. Your girls’ room is absolutely adorable! Can you tell me how the loft bed is holding up? I was looking at it on Amazon, but was a little off-put by some of the negative reviews.

  17. Hi. Love this gorgeous room! What is the paint color you used on the dresser?!
    Thank you!

  18. Im in love with this room! And it seems exact floor plan of my girls {except our window is on the wall straight across from the door, so where your bunk bed is} What are the diminsions of your room? Mine is 9’5″ x 11’10” {if you only measure to the closet, not the little area where the door opens to the room} My girls room just feels so squishy!!
    My favorite part is knowing I’m not the only parent that has a child sleep on the mattress on the floor ? we’re going on 4yrs ? They actually fight over switching to the bottom cause it’s like their own little space down there! But seriously~ thanks for letting me drool over your girls room, and hopefully inspiring me to clean my girls up!

  19. JESS! I feel like I just found my long lost friend! I used to follow your blog and read everyday! I have made countless kid clothes from your patterns for my own daughters. Somehow I lost you ( read as: I got insanely busy and stopped reading everyday and then FORGOT ABOUT YOU!) *tears*. …….
    I saw your girls room on pinterest and clicked and when I saw Craftiness is not Optional my eyes grew huge and I shouted OUT LOUD “JESS!!!!!! OMG! How did I forget about this blog!?!?!”
    So I am so glad to find you again! You inspire me like crazy:0)
    questions about the girls bunk bed……..we are about to bunk my girls up bu they have new thicker mattresses that don’t seem to work in a bunk
    -are these the thicker 18″ style mattress? how is having one on the floor?
    -how are you storing three children’s clothes? I am at a loss for managing just two girls clothes! It’s a blessing to have the excess but sooooo hard to store them in a small house! Suggestions welcomed!

    • ASHLEY!!! I’m so glad you found me again cuz that MADE ME DAY! 😀 lol!! I think they are standard mattresses, and Charlotte so far has not complained about having hers on the floor, lol. poor thing. sleeping on the floooor. We are lucky to have a decent closet in that room, so I shoved Ava’s dresser in there, Sadie’s and Charlotte’s is in the room, and they each have 3 drawers-that fit their pj’s, pants/skirts/shorts, and shirts/undies/socks. Their dresses all hang up in the closet. It barely fits honestly! lol. you know they have a ton of clothes. 😉 I also try to pack away the pants and long sleeves in summer, shorts and summery clothes in winter…doesn’t always happen but I try!! Hope this helped!

  20. What height mattress do you have for the top and bottom mattresses? 6″ or 8″?

  21. Erin Giroux says

    This might be a stupid question haha, but I stumbled across this post and I’m so in love with this room. How did you make the “Oh my Darling” banner?

  22. I wanted to know where you got the bed from?

  23. Oh my word! Love love love all these ideas! My girls are 16 months and almost four and I want them to share a room. What age did you do the bunk beds? I love how low that bunk bed is just what I’ve been trying to find! And the small dresser in the closet absolutely genius! We have a 6 drawer ikea dresser I’d love to paint a fun color for them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Love love love. The link for the bed isn’t working for me. Do you happen to know the name or maker? Thanks so much

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