Sadie’s big girl room

It’s “done” at last! I say “done” cause I’m not in love with the rug but it works for now and was only $5, and I still haven’t figured out what to put on the dresser, and her dollhouse isn’t done…but it’s basically, pretty much, done. So…here it is!

This is the view from the doorway…it’s hard to make that shot look good, but I tried. really! I made the curtains from Sandi Henderson fabric called Meadowsweet, purchased from this shop.

her little nightstand…I picked it up at Salvation Army for $10 and primed and painted it white. Some of her books and piggy bank reside here. The little lamp I got at Target on clearance (yeah!), and the lampshade I’d had around for awhile, just added the fabric flowers and brad from my scrapbook stash. Try to ignore how the lampshade is crooked, please.

Her little toddler bed was built by my dad for my twin siblings, he dug one out of the attic for us and we painted it brown (our deck color, hehe) I love it! she loves crawling under her quilt…which you’ve seen before, right? too much, maybe?

Anyways, the wall decals are from this awesome etsy store, and I loove how they break up that big wall. I wasn’t sure what to do with that wall at first, cause her furniture is pretty small…these were the answer! I ordered pink ones at first, but the pink was way too bright, so she was awesome enough to exchange them for me, with no hassles. I love etsy!

Here’s her slip covered bean bag chair again…and a little birdie decal to brighten up that corner. (Plus, she LOVES teet teets) I got that one at this etsy store.

Her dresser, bought on Craigslist, painted and added some knobs from Anthropologie, tada!
I still love her little artwork collection…I would like to add somewhere for her to hang up her drawings someday too.

Rory helped me rig up that light fixture too, can’t decide if that cord bugs me enough to do something about it…someday we will get an electrician to put in a ceiling mount. None of our bedrooms have them. ๐Ÿ™

A little tissue pom pom banner above the closet doors…my friend Cassy and I had made these for a church party a few weeks ago and, now they didn’t go to waste! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for taking a peek!

P.S. My sewing machine is out of commission while it gets a check up at the sewing machine doctor…so sad…I just got some cute fabric and am working on Sadie’s Easter dress….I hate when projects are interrupted!


  1. I love the wall decals. The room is really cute. Sadie’s going to have lots of good memories in there.

  2. Love the bed! And the decals! And I still swoon for the slip covered chair.
    Ever thought to add the wall stickers to the furniture? I can see a “teet teet” or flower on the foot of her bed.
    Maybe an orange rug? Wonder if there is a computer thing to change the colour of the rug until you find one you love?

  3. So SUPER cute! I LOVE it…down to every single little detail! What a lucky girl she is to have such a crafy mama!

  4. It looks so sweet! I miss having a little girl to decorate for. You did a great job!

  5. SO CUTE!!!! I love the little BED! That’s So much fun, everything looks so good together, she is one lucky little princess!!! LOVE it all!!!

  6. So cute and simple! Inspires me to work on my girls room…

  7. What a fun little room! And, I just have to say, I love her piggy bank! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Glad the pom poms didn’t go to waste ๐Ÿ™‚ And now you can stress a little less since her room is “done.” haha!

  9. It’s so lovely without being too girlie. It looks like it will last awhile for sure.

  10. Love it! I love those wall decals, it gives it something special without bombarding it! Nice work!

  11. adorable!!!

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