pink posy dress

So Sadie has seen this dress hanging up on my craft room wall for awhile. It was supposed to be for Charlotte, and I was being lazy on the taking-pictures-part of blogging. So I (finally) go to try the dress on C, and it’s HUGE on her. Both Sadie and I bust out laughing, as does Charlotte, and then Sadie says,”Is that for me now Mommy?” Sure thing, darlin’. And what do you know? It fit her great! A tad short, so it’s more tunic than dress on her.
It’s your basic peasant/shirt dress, only I  reused the cuffs from the original sleeves. Tricky, eh? Well, maybe not tricky per say, but they turned out pretty cute.
It’s a fun top that will transition easily to fall/winter clothing. EEK. Are we already almost there? crazy how time flies.


  1. Cute small rosy pink dress, love it, nicely done :)…wish i can make for my 3 year old niece…hahaha…naaaah…sewing is just not my thing…:)

  2. Adore this!! Must try and make a version! Thanks yet again for inspiration : )

  3. Another adorable dress! I just can’t get enough of them! Lovely!

  4. she is such a doll. i love her dress.

    -robots in trouble

  5. Adorable! I wish I had one in my size. 🙂

  6. Lucky Sadie. She looks adorable it. x

  7. what a cutie. I love that color and dress on her.

  8. So sweet =) Greetings from Germany!

  9. I reckon Sadie is the luckiest little gal in town. Her bright smile shows us she’s grateful for her pretty dresses. She looks adorable today. x

  10. such a cute dress on such a cute little girl! i love it!

  11. Sadie is a doll…and I love how she was thrilled the tunic was hers!

  12. Adorable! I usually have the opposite problem of making something or the big one and having it end up on the baby because I guess I suck at measuring.

  13. Cute, cute, cute!!!

  14. Glad the dress can go to good use and you don’t have to wait a few years until it fits Charlotte! ha. LOVE the reuse of the cuff. I’m totally going to try that.

  15. Such a cute dress…and what a great idea to re-use the sleeves…ingenious…as always!

  16. What an adorable dress!! The print is so pretty!

  17. It was obviously meant to be for Sadie :oD

  18. Your model makes me smile!

  19. I love that you reused the original cuffs on this, Jess. Fantastic idea!

  20. This is adorable!

  21. Would you happen to have a lovely tutorial for this darling tunic?

    • I don’t, sorry 🙂 I think I used a basic peasant dress-probably the Sweet Dress by Leila and Ben…or MADE has a shirt-to-dress tutorial as well. 🙂

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