Up Up and Away! Mobile tutorial and pattern!

I'm out of anything witty to say today, so here's the tutorial! So first let me show you how I put together this simple wooden mobile hanger. See below for the rest! You'll need: One 2" wooden block 3/8" dowel cut to 9" length...of course you can go longer or shorter if you prefer! 2 of those circle things that screw into wood. (I know, … [Read more...]

hot air balloon baby mobile

I've always loved hot air balloons. I've never rode in one, and probably never will (I'm skeered of heights) but they are just so darn adorable. I love the ones with different colored panels...it's the quilter in me I guess! I drew my inspiration from a few I found on Etsy and had to make my own for the new nursery decor. Maybe it will be hot air … [Read more...]

nursery planning-and a fabric sale!

***See the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway here!*** So...you might have heard we're having another girl...and since we don't have to buy a whole new boy wardrobe*, I told Rory I'm definitely making new stuff for the nursery! It's nice to not have to paint the room either-and I still love the color, so I'm working with it. (see more pics of the … [Read more...]

Sadie’s new-ish room

Well you guys saw that I finally finished Sadie's quilt...phew! Since she's had a big girl bed for quite some time, and was still using her little toddler quilts (which covered her up fine, just looked funny on that big ol bed), it was about time to finish it and get it on that bed. Also I spruced up her room a little bit-nothing big, just a few … [Read more...]

Q-tip review and project

See my review and project tips here! … [Read more...]

Naughty or Nice pillow-Haul out the Holly guest post

Need to keep track of whether or not your kiddo (or hubby;)  is being naughty or nice this holiday season? A simple flip of this reversible pillow lets you inform them of their standing with the guy dressed in red.I am so excited to participate in Gwen's Haul out the Holly series-last year was amazing and I can't wait to see what's in store this … [Read more...]

my new "art"

So...I've been wanting to get some large artwork for above my fireplace (which needs a ton of work but I won't go into that), but didn't want to pay the large artwork prices. Plus, nothing I found I liked. So I knew I wanted to DIY something. So, we hit up Michaels when their canvases were  40% off, so this big one was $30 I think.By the by, it … [Read more...]

little red chair

  I just love quick projects with a big impact. Like this little red chair. I told you about how I got it for 50 cents, right? STEAL! I have  been on the lookout for a chair just like this for months, too. Love thrifting karma. So, take a 50 cent chair, add some red spray paint I already had (but was about $5 probably), and you get one cute … [Read more...]

new pillow covers (and a cute face)

You saw my other attempt at bringing color into my living room...here is phase 2 of the pillow cover take-over. Rory's reaction (and I quote) "That's a big flower."My Dad's reaction (also quoting verbatim) "That's a big flower."Agh. Men. They just don't understand how cute giant flowers can be! Am I right, ladies? (of course I am) I have had … [Read more...]

one of a kind artwork

Recently my good friend Katie's husband did some portraits of the girls for me. Yeah he just whipped them up, no biggie. lol.What talent! I sent him the pictures, and within a few days I had a picture of the finished product in my in-box. They both turned out gorgeous! I love the solid colored background, it adds a modern and clean touch. I of … [Read more...]