wooden scissors

My dad and I made these awesome wooden scissors together in his wood shop the other week-one pair for my sewing room, the other for my mom for Mother's Day. These bad boys are almost 2 feet long, and I loove them. They go well with my giant buttons. haha. What other sewing tools can I enlarge? hmm... We made them from some pine boards, and it … [Read more...]

under the shelf jar storage tutorial

So here are all the deets on that under the shelf jar thingies I teased you about the other day.It's storage! For practically free! Here's the scoop:You'll need:baby food jarsnuts and bolts (my bolts were 1/4" wide by 1" long)spray paint (optional)drill and bithandy hubby or lots o' courage. So I measured and marked on my shelf where I wanted my … [Read more...]

fabric? neat.

Welcome to fabric obsession 101. ;) I first saw this idea for using comic book boards for mini fabric bolts here. It's such a smart idea, and pretty cheap too. Mind you, if you head over to that link, you may die from fabric jealousy. I almost did. Just wanted to caution you there. ;) First, let's enjoy the pretty fabrics-if anything this … [Read more...]

invasion of the giant buttons

Remember these? Well, you can probably guess now what I did with them. Giant buttons! I sanded, primed, painted them, and then hot glued some ribbon in the holes I had Rory drill for me in the middles. I hung them up with those awesome Disc-hangers. (got mine on Ebay) I LOVE how they look on the wall, they make me smile every time I glance … [Read more...]

silhouette stuff and a gift

Saw this awesome Silhouette dust cover tutorial the other day and made it lickety split. She's not kidding when she says it takes 15 minutes! I bought the hedgehog fabric not knowing what I'd do with it but I thought it was so cute!Bonus: now I get to see it every day! I stitched a little felt heart on as well. aww...Speaking of my Silhouette, I … [Read more...]

little "quilt"

I made this little "quilt" for my serger the other day. My thinking is that it hopefully will help muffle the noisiness of the serger when I really get 'er rip. (Since I usually sew during kiddos sleepy time.) This fabric makes me smile every. single. time. I see it! Gorgeous, huh? It's Amy Butler's Peacock Feathers (in sea glass) from her … [Read more...]

crafty room

I've shown my craft room here and here, but I recently deep-cleaned it and I'd changed a few things so I took a few pictures the other day. I also love to see "behind the scenes" if you will, of other bloggers. Hope you do too! I love my little "inspiration" board, made with twine and nails. Nothing unique or fancy, just a fun place to fill with … [Read more...]


i am so lucky to have a whole room dedicated to making messes.oh wait, that's the rest of my house too.nonetheless, this is the funnest room to make messes in.i try to keep it clean...it just doesn't work most of the time. fabric is the hardest. i recently stacked it as neatly as i could and took a picture to prove it. it doesn't look like this … [Read more...]

Warning: picture-heavy long post ahead.

You've been warned! So, today after we got home from church, Rory and Sadie took a nap out on the couch for like, almost 3 hours! wow! I almost didn't know what to do with myself. hehe, I said ALMOST. I sewed up this cute trick or treat bag for Sadie, and then looked around for something else to do.I have been organizing and decorating my craft … [Read more...]