under the shelf jar storage tutorial

So here are all the deets on that under the shelf jar thingies I teased you about the other day.

It’s storage! For practically free! Here’s the scoop:

You’ll need:

baby food jars
nuts and bolts (my bolts were 1/4″ wide by 1″ long)
spray paint (optional)
drill and bit
handy hubby or lots o’ courage.

So I measured and marked on my shelf where I wanted my hubby to drill holes. He then did so.

I also persuaded him to drill holes in my lids-he’s so helpful! (he also watched the kiddos while I worked on another project that day, and made me lunch. thanks hun!)

Hello Sadie’s fingers!

Here are the nuts and bolts. Very nutsy and boltsy.

I then spray painted the lids-concentrating on the rims since the tops would be hidden. Then I used the nuts and bolts to attach the lids to the shelf.

Fill up the jars and screw them on!

I chose to fill mine with little metal doo dad-pin backs, buttons to cover, clips, and magnetic snaps. 
Handy and so cheap! I only had to buy the nuts and bolts, which cost me $2.50 total. sweet!


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing, I can see this looking great in so many different types of rooms!

  2. Totally awesome Jess. Maybe we’ll do this in our new place. 🙂

  3. Jess…what a completely fabulous and smart idea. Love it.

  4. I cracked up when I saw this…we so did this with big jars in our garage for screws etc. 🙂

  5. I love this idea!

  6. Great idea! I need to do this in my craft room, it’s a mess!

  7. Ingenious and adorable!

  8. Brillant! Absolutely brillant!

  9. fabulous!!! Love this!!!!!

  10. great idea! I wish I could do that in my dorm but I don’t think they would appreciate it ^^’ so saving for later!

  11. Love this idea!

  12. We had some of these in our basement at our previous house. I love that you painted the lids… so cute!

  13. Great idea!

  14. LOVE this idea. SO cute and perfect for a place with little space.

  15. I’ve wanted to do this in my sewing room for so long – but I’m still waiting to put up the shelf for them to attach to! Looks great:)

  16. This is so genius! I knew there was a reason I’ve been saving our baby food jars 🙂

  17. Muito boa sua idéia!!! Quero assim para o meu pequeno ateliê!!!

  18. This was in Good Housekeeping a couple years ago. But still a good idea worth sharing with people! 🙂

  19. Great idea! 🙂

  20. Yeah, may have to steal-I mean use!! that idea as well!! Thanks!!

  21. When I was growing up we had something like this (my Mom had done) over the washer and dryer, only with pint size jars.
    Your little baby food jars are cute and I also like how you painted the lids.

  22. I love this idea. This is the best tutorial I’ve seen on it.

    The blue mason jars in our blog giveaway would be wonderful for this. Please stop by and enter at http://www.theoldblockhouse.blogspot.com

  23. Such a great idea! Practical and cute! Thank you for sharing!!

  24. Anonymous says

    thanks-i totally forgot about baby food storage. my grandfather had a ton of these in the basement workshop and i just moved my sewing area downstairs under a shelf/peg board. i have a 9 mo old so we are still using some baby food–love love your blog btw!!! jen

    avonlea (24 at) yahoo (dot) com

  25. What a great idea! I made ​​this for my desk

  26. idéia genial.

  27. Just came across this on Pinterest – wonderful idea!

  28. My boyfriends Dad saves everything in his garage in little jars like this!! Nuts, Bolts, Screws.. you name it! : )

  29. Your project’s been Candoodled! I love it. So I’ve shared it…

  30. That’s a killer idea! I’m totally going to do that. Oh, and I’m really jealous of all that fantastic fabric I see on your shelf too!

  31. This idea is so great. Very smart! I am going to copy it. Thank you for sharing

    From Venezuela

  32. What an awesome idea! Will definitely try it! Thanks!

  33. Thi is so amazing! I really NEED this, my craft space is really small…amazing idea!

  34. Thank you so much for sharing…You are so thoughtful..God Bless your kind soul.

  35. You may laugh, but I totally thought I “invented” this! I love my under shelf jars!

  36. Really nice!


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