duffel bags for the girls

So, Rory and I are planning a short getaway later this summer, just the two of us. I am so excited I may scream. The thought of uninterrupted sleep, meals, and time to shop spend with my hubby, brings a grin to my face. My awesome mother in law will be taking the kiddos while we make a break for it enjoy ourselves.  Of course, kids always need stuff. Lots of it.
So this gave me a chance to kill two birds with one stone, as the duffel bags we have right now are simply unsuitable for children. They are black and boring. Ugh. the horror.
So the Make your Getaway pattern for this adorable duffel bag came to my rescue! (From my sponsor Gingercake.)
Fabric for Charlotte’s bag is:
main fabric: Amy Butler Midwest Modern 2 Sand Ripple Stripe
accent fabric: Amy Butler Midwest Modern 2 Linen Happy Dots
Fabric for Sadie’s bag is:
main fabric: Amy Butler Soul Blossom Cinnamon Temple Tulips
accent fabric: Amy Butler Soul Blossom Cilantro Laurel Dots
I made one for each of the girls to keep their clothes and special toys in. This one is obviously Charlotte’s. She had no choice in her fabric, Sadie chose for her. I keep telling Charlotte that she needs to learn to talk so she can defend herself, but not much yet. She did start saying KA KA KA for a duck sound recently. We’re so proud. (no, seriously.)
I appliqued a C and S, respectively, and even used a little embroidery floss to outline Charlotte’s C.  Sadie got a satin stitch, as I was burned out from the hand sewing. for reals. yech.
I love the fact that you can coordinate, mis match, or otherwise use whatever fabric combos you can dream up for these bags. The zipper wasn’t hard at all to put in. (though I wish I’d picked out a zipper with plastic teeth instead of metal. I got so scared of sewing near it.)
I did have problems with getting the bottom/side piece to match up with the sides of the bag. I found that cutting an inch or two off of the length helped the fit. Other than that, it was really easy to put together, I especially liked how sturdy the handles are. I think I’ll add some ribbon to the zippers to make it easier for little hands to open.
All in all, it was a great pattern, and turned out a fun bag that I think the kids will love! Stay tuned for a giveaway for Gingercake patterns soon!


  1. I don’t really like black duffels either. And I sewed my first ever cushions yesterday and am still on a high from that success, so bring on the bag pattern! :o) Yours look so pretty!

  2. These are adorable. I’m all about cute fabric right now. Looking for nursery fabric for my daughter. I’m going to make the curtains and crib skirt. I do love Amy Butler.

  3. I love your duffle bags. I’ve had a pattern for duffle bags for years and have wanted to make some but I just haven’t done it yet. Enjoy your child-free time. If it like us, it’s few and far between.

  4. So, so cute! I love them!

  5. You know what’s funny about this? I was *JUST* thinking minutes ago how I’d like the boys to have their own little bags for when mommy goes to the hospital to have the baby–they may end up staying with relatives over night. Perfect timing. THanks.

  6. I love these bags!! We still just use a diaper bag for each of our girls when we travel (they are 2 and 6!) These bags are perfect for traveling!

  7. I love the initials! Great idea. Thanks so much for making these beautiful bags!

  8. These are great Jess! And the pattern is so reasonably priced. 🙂 Do you think it would be a pain to sew using vinyl?

  9. WHaaaaT?! I need one! My duffel is way to boring too!!! I neeeeed one of these! Love the fabrics you chose Jess, these will be a treasure forever! SO cute!!!

  10. Ficaram lindas! Como tudo que você faz, sempre! Preciso de uma também, rsrsrs Mas ainda tenho muito que aprender pra chegar nesse estágio, por enquanto fico aqui babando, rsrsrs Bjs

  11. Really beautiful. You will be the most stylish traveller with those.

  12. Those are so adorable. I love the fabrics you chose. I bet your girls love em.

  13. Love it! Too cute!!

  14. I LOVE these! Ahhh beautiful work!! And thanks for sharing the link to Gingercake – she has some cute patterns!!

  15. These are darling!! I don’t suppose you and Rory need ones too? 😉

  16. I bought this pattern last fall and made one for a gift. It was such a big hit that I just made one for myself as my “hospital bag”. Making something for myself really cheered me up from my “I am 9 months pregnant and it’s hot out” funk that I was in. 🙂

  17. These are so cute, Jess. I have to go check out this pattern.

  18. These are so great! My girls could definitely benefit from a couple too 🙂

  19. So, would you consider making these for someone?? 🙂

  20. Love the bag, would love yo make one.

  21. Have you ever made a breast pump bag? If so do you have a pattern?

  22. I love these and the idea for a baby shower. I am going to a baby shower next month. Is there a tutorial to make these??

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