wet bag tutorial

Kind of a weird-sounding name for a bag, huh? Makes me think it should hold water or something.
Anyways, these handy little bags are great for diaper bags…(for wet undies that we deal with on the go sometimes) …also swim bags, or anywhere you need a bag to hold something wet.
It’s pretty basic.
See below for the full tutorial!

You need:
fabric. (Edit: sorry, not PUL) I used laminated cotton, from my sponsor, Oilcloth Addicts.
It’s it’s BPA-free, PVC-free, CPSIA compliant and great for family use.
zipper (mine is a 9″ white zipper from my sponsor, Zip It)
7″ piece of twill tape or ribbon

Cut four pieces of your PUL…I cut mine to be 7″x9″.

Lay out one piece, right side up. Lay the zipper on one short end, zip facing up.

Sandwich the zipper with another piece of fabric like so.

Pin along that side, but make sure to only pin where the seam allowance will hide your holes. Holes do not go away with this kind of fabric!

Then using your zipper foot, sew along the side you pinned, with 3/8″ seam allowance.

Flip the fabrics so they are right side out and both pieces are on one side of the zipper.

Then layer again with the other two pieces.

Pin and sew that side the same way.

Then fold your 7″ piece of twill tape/ribbon in half and pin and sew to the top part of the outside of the bag. Just make sure your zipper looks like the picture, and you’ll be good.

Make sure to open your zipper half way before you sew it together!

Now lay out your bag like this, with the bottom two pieces right sides together, and the top two pieces RST also.

A closer look. I didn’t pin, but you could as long as you stay within the seam allowance!

starting at the bottom, sew around the entire bag with a 3/8″ seam allowance, leaving an opening for turning.

When you get to the zipper, pinch the ends of the zipper together, making sure the teeth are pointed up towards the top of the bag. (the side with the tab)

Turn right side out through the hole…

Then to sew the opening shut. I used my sewing machine’s walking foot, which helps immensely when sewing with PUL. Laying down tissue paper underneath helps also. (just rip it away when you’re done)

Tada! A quick and easy wet bag for all your…wet stuff needs!


  1. this is great for wet towels after a swim class.


  2. FYI, I think PUL is a completely different thing from laminated cotton. We cloth diaper, so I’ve worked with PUL a lot. I haven’t done much with laminated cotton, though, so you’ll have to let us know how it performs as a wet bag over the long term. My PUL wet bag is still doing well 1.5 years later, and it’s on heavy diaper duty!

  3. I agree with Shelly the LC is totally different. And PUL is actually stretchy. However, I don’t see why this wouldn’t make a nice wetbag. I am concerned how it would wash up. Can you wash LC? With PUL I can wash on hot with my cloth diapers.

  4. I have the same washing questions as Chari. 🙂

  5. I bought a bunch of wetbags when my daughter was little for cloth diapers…only to realize later “duh! I could have made these!” Oh well, sometimes it’s just easier to buy something when you have a two week old at home!

  6. Hi Jess,

    I have just found your blog, and I LOVE it! Everything is so bright and colourful and happy!!!

    Your tutorials are great – I’m sure I’ll be having a go at one of your projects some time soon!


  7. Jess hello! You have wonderful blog, thank you! Greetings from Russia )))))))

  8. Love it!! I have some waterproof fabric that may do the trick, i will try it!

    crafts & jewels

  9. Hi Jess,

    Do you think this would work if you used iron on laminate and then just wiped it out with clorox wipes instead of washing it? This would be wonderful for my little man’s wet undies!

  10. This looks like a great tutorial! I would love to make one up for solied baby clothes and wet nursing pads on the go! Thanks!

  11. Yes you can was laminated cotton. It gets a bit textured but you can iron it carefully. I would use regular fabric for the outside and then the laminated for the inside if the texture would bug you after a washing. Check out this bit by pink chalk fabrics:http://pinkchalkstudio.com/blog/2009/11/18/laminated-cotton-sewing-tips/


  12. What a great idea! I’ll be making one of these for my wet swimsuit 🙂 I don’t know about finding laminated cotton, but they have all kinds of synthetic fabric in the store nearby that is probably waterproof. I could use it as a lining for the bag.

  13. Do you know if you can applique or iron on letters to laminated cotton? I would love to label my bag. Thanks!

  14. thanks so much for this tutorial! quick question about sewing with oilcloth – do you just wipe it down? can you throw it in the washing machine? i cloth diaper and just want to make sure it won’t get stinky :).

  15. Rhonda Evans says

    My daughter asked for some wet bags and I started searching he net to find one and came across your site. Thank you for such a great pattern and instructions. I made up two bigger ones in no time and can make up other sizes if they want.

  16. Love your wet bag tutorial. Thanks.


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