I’ve been feeling crafty lately, so here are some things I’ve been working on…

I made this owl today, inspired by this blog. Oh so cute! She also has a stuffed Easter egg tutorial that I’ve been using. More on that later…I’ve only made one!

The back is the best part!

I had Rory laminate these mini prints at work, punched a hole, put a ribbon through it, and whala! A little “picture” book for Sadie to look at during church!

I have some earrings in the works that I’m going to be adding to my shop as “bits for mom”. I’m excited for them as I think they’re totally cute, but if they don’t sell, there are always plenty of gifts needed when you’re in a big family!


  1. You go girl!!! The owl is just cute as can be!!!

  2. Cute owl! I saw one like that at an etsy store and I think it’s in my favs. Probably the same woman who did the blog. Too funny.

  3. I love the owl! The back of it looks great!

  4. love the owl! i am in the process of making one right now!!!

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