knit skirt with pockets: tutorial and free pocket pattern

I bought a comfy knit skirt this summer that I LOVE. It is comfy and has awesome pockets and I want to wear the heck out of it. We all know what this means, right? I had to recreate it! I took some pics for a tutorial just in case you want to make one too. And this would totally translate to a kids skirt, too...I should make one for Sadie sometime! … [Read more...]

elephant skirt for em

So Kristin's daughter Em, and Sadie, have become pen pals over the past few months, and they are the CUTEST. They color each other elaborate pictures, cover their envelopes with stickers, and they would "text" each other for hours if we let them (emoticons, mostly. those are some straaange, they love to skype and facetime in order to … [Read more...]

KCWC: hot air balloon tee and applique skirt

Outfit #3! a skirt and shirt combo...with my favorite color combination right now-coral and gold! (obviously) I drafted this cap sleeved slightly gathered neckline top, then stamped the heck out of it with my hot air balloon stamp and some gold paint. I got lazy with the sleeves and haphazardly sewed them under 1/8", but whatevs. It fits and I was … [Read more...]

Project Run and Play week 3-Modern Marigold

Vote for your favorite look here! "It's all in the details" week was definitely the hardest for me, took awhile to figure out what I wanted to do...after all,  the theme "Details" is not much of a guideline. I could pretty much do whatever I wanted! Talk about overwhelming. Finally, with the help of my awesome best friend … [Read more...]

Dachshund and pom pom skirt for Calling All Kids

Make sure to hop over to Alida Makes today for her new series-and see the boyish print I turned into a cute skirt for Miss C! I love it, she loves it...hopefully you love it too!   … [Read more...]

last minute skirt

The other day I just needed a quick easy project that could be finished up asap. Have you guys been feeling the holiday crunch too? Time is running out! So instead of tackling my to do list, I did the immature thing and ignored it to make this little skirt. (I do that a lot...tell me I'm not alone!)I used this adorable fabric from my sponsor … [Read more...]

K.I.D.S. guest post!

Jessica has done it again. (not me! Jessica from Me Sew there are a lot of Jessica bloggers out there!)....she has thought up another fabulous series! This one is called K.I.D.S. - Kids Inspiration & Design Series....where our kiddos get to be the fashion designers! Sadie had a blast coloring her little heart out...I think I'm going … [Read more...]

KCWC: baby circle skirts

More KCWC clothes!! (I've got more coming, too...I may (a teensy bit) be going through my nesting phase....)I also whipped up some teeny tiny baby circle skirts yesterday....These took hardly any time at all. The only thing that slowed me down was a power outage. In the middle of hemming. In the afternoon. ??? Whatevs at least it only lasted an … [Read more...]

comfy DIY maternity skirts

Hey, all!! If you missed the post on Saturday, I'm excited to announce a really fun series called Belly+Baby I'm doing with my fabulous bloggy pals Kate and Shauna, of See Kate Sew, and Shwin & Shwin! We'll each be posting a maternity/baby related project every Monday for the month of September! Oh, and Happy "Labor" day to the American … [Read more...]

baby gifts are adorable, no? plus a mini tutorial!

A good friend of mine had a darling baby girl a few months back, and I totally forgot to share what I made her! Just some simple gifts-appliqued onesies, a blanket, and a onesie/skirt combo. I used some new dies for my Go Baby cutter, and they were perfect for this type of project. Easy and quick...the bread and butter of us crafters, … [Read more...]