Leah dress-KCWC

My sewing yesterday started off with shorts and morphed into this dress-a Leah tunic, lengthened, and with a band added around the bottom. Also with some cute coordinating fabric. I've mainly been making dresses this week because they're all Sadie will wear lately. Kind of annoying cause she won't wear the cute tops I've made her, but fun also … [Read more...]

Leah Top round up

So, no I didn't forget about a Leah top round up! I love seeing what you've made with my tutorials! In no particular order, here are the Leah tunics you've made and added to the Flickr group! If I've missed yours, please let me know! I am so excited to see all of them-they are each so unique and gorgeous.Not to mention the ADORable little girls … [Read more...]

Leah tunic Part 4: pockets

 Now let's tackle those pockets. I did them very simply.See more after the jump! First I cut out a pocket pattern-I adapted this pattern. Then I used some more bias tape for the tops. First I folded it over, right sides together, and sewed down, and then backstitched up. (same technique as the binding for the collar) Then I measured 4 … [Read more...]

Leah tunic Part 3: cap sleeves

On the menu today: puffy little cap sleeves. See more after the jump! So here we go with those cute lil' cap sleeves! Lay both of your sleeves like so and trim a little bit around the edge so it's curved a little bit. Next, sew a gathering stitch about 3 inches from the shoulder seam on both sides. (should be about 6 inches total, to make … [Read more...]

Leah tunic Part 2: button closure and neckline (and guest post)

Before we get started today, I wanted to let you know that my sewing/crafty room is being featured today on Craftaholics Anonymous!   Also I want to give a big welcome (WELCOME) to any visitors coming over here from C.A.!   Moving on to the sew-along! Today we'll work on the button closure and bias tape around the neckline. See more after … [Read more...]

Leah tunic Part 1: making the pattern and cutting it out

Welcome to the Leah top sew-along! I'm so glad to have you. Let's get started.Ok so for this top, we'll start off making the pattern. It's not hard, just might take a little bit of scribbling and erasering. (yes, I know that's not a real word)See more after the jump! You'll need: main fabric (a yard was plenty for my 2T size) accent fabric to … [Read more...]

Chrysathemum top

Or, Dahlia top...or whatever those big flowers are called. I'm no gardener! I can barely keep our house plants alive. Anywho...I made this cute top after having it saved to my flickr favorites since forEVER. I basically copied this adorable top, only added some little puffy cap sleeves. This little miss is turning into quite the model. She works … [Read more...]