Leah tunic Part 3: cap sleeves

On the menu today: puffy little cap sleeves.

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So here we go with those cute lil’ cap sleeves! Lay both of your sleeves like so and trim a little bit around the edge so it’s curved a little bit.
Next, sew a gathering stitch about 3 inches from the shoulder seam on both sides. (should be about 6 inches total, to make sure it’s as evenly gathered as possible)
Should look like this.
Then pull the threads to gather until it looks good. (and even-ish)
This is how mine looked.
Then grab some more of your bias tape for the arms.
sandwich the arm holes and gathers in the bias tape and pin it like so.
Then sew that down, close to the edge.
Finally, pin and sew the side seams together, then finish the seams.
Next: Pockets!


  1. Wow, I´m looking for this part for a day long

  2. Love the little cap sleeves. It’s nice that this shirt doesn’t have a separate sleeve to sew on. Perfect for spring/summer 🙂

  3. Love your blog. I just made this tunic this morning (what happens when you can’t sleep). Thanks for the great instructions.

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