Charlotte dress round up!

 Get ready for some cuteness-some Charlotte dresses! I have loved seeing these pop up in the flickr group-every single one makes me smile. 
😀 <----see?
So in no particular order, here are those lovely Charlotte dresses of yours!
 This adorable dress was made by Erinanne17-I just LOVE the contrasting green band. So cute!
My good pal Kalleen made this lovely teal and yellow combo. I am getting so inspired by these fabric choices!
 This dainty little blue floral dress was made by petersterrimarie.
Gorgeous fabric choice-and that cutie pie baby makes it even more adorable! Made by Little Country Bumpkins.
I love this flowery fabric-have some in my stash actually. 😉 Made by RobynskiLou
I love me some yummy Amy Butler-so gorgeous together, right? Lovely gathers too! Made by Alissa211.
Double the fun with TWO dresses-lucky girls! Made by Sewinginsteadof…

Reader Kimberly sent this pic in-I just love pink and brown together-so adorable.

This ADORABLE dress was made by my very own sponsor, Diana from Raspberry Creek Fabrics!

Greta made these two dresses for her girls Easter dresses-she is one crazy fast sewer! (sewist? somebody tell me which one is right.)

Thanks everybody!
 I absolutely adore seeing what you’ve made with my tutorials. It justifies all that time spent making them. 😉 Not that it isn’t fun for me, it is!

Random note: Sadie is doing REALLY good with her potty training. Accidents are rare now, and though I’m not sure how we’re gonna wean her off the candy prizes (ran out of kitchen stuff), all’s well with PT! Her normal two year old-ness…that’s another story. 😉

Etc: I am super busy behind the scenes with some awesome guest posts and OMTWI, that I can’t wait to show you guys!  Seriously so hard to wait. I will though! (somehow…)


  1. I adapted & supersized your pattern to make an Alice in Wonderland dress for my almost 8 years old.

  2. On the “sewer/sewist” note, how about seamstress? 🙂

  3. Thanks for showing my dress Jess! So fun to see all the others too.

  4. I was almost done with my charlotte dress for my niece, but then a thread broke on my serger. I’m still trying to get it rethreaded. I’ll post a pic when I’m done.

  5. Hi there,
    The dresses are great. It must be satisfying to see the pics after all your hard work!

  6. So fun to see what others have come up with. Congratulations on smooth sailing with the PT;)

  7. Everyone did a great job! The dresses are adorable.

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your craftiness w/us crafty wannabies =) I have just recently picked up sewing & I am so glad to have come across your blog. You’ve got some great ideas & explain them very well! I made the Charlotte Dress for my sweet 2 year old & I love the way it turned out. Here is a link to the picture of her in the dress on facebook (if it works here in a comment)!/photo.php?fbid=3379458773227&set=a.2783614317488.2152867.1472151868&type=1&theater

  9. Thanks Jess for that super easy tutorial for the ric rac dress. Loved making it for my daughter.

  10. Thanks for the sew-along for the Charlotte Dress. I’ve made two already for my 7-month old!

    I’ve only got one them here though. I totally forgot to take a picture of her wearing the other dress. Hopefully, I’ll remember next time! Thanks again! I’m learning a lot from you!


  11. This dress is so cute! Where can I find the pattern for it?

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